Iron Horse 2002 Brut LD - 2 Pack

Where is mill?

Iron Horse 2002 Brut LD - 2 Pack
$99.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Sparkling
2 Iron Horse 2002 Brut LD

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No meaningful reviews, community avg. of about $75/bottle.

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$85 a bottle

mill likes reds best??

Um, is someone going to buy this already?

Really, WD? You’re really trying to empty our wallets! This is really good juice from a stellar winery. I am going to have to think on this one. Now if this was the Joy! we had on the Tour I’d happily curse until it arrived.

Joy, it’s a pleasure to see you back here!

Looks like the Black Tie Buy is becoming a regular Wednesday thing. I wholeheartedly approve, but I could never justify dropping a C-note on two bottles of bubbly. There’s just not a lot of middle range in sparklers - they’re either good and inexpensive or great and exorbitant (so I’ve heard - I’ve never actually had one of the legendary ones). Is this really worth it?

Are the corks real cork? For that price I hope they used hand-harvested corks. This is one of those extra monocle affairs.

Oh yea i’m in I do love the Iron Horse!

I really need to buy a black tie.


Also, since this is vintage, how ageable is it? Could this be used, say, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of something that happened in 2002? 25th? 30th?

I’ve been waiting patiently for some Iron Horse, but I wanted the cheaper stuff :frowning:

They better be. The only place I’ve ever seen an artificial sparkling wine closure was on a $4 bottle of Andre that I found in the back of my parent’s refrigerator. Even the cheap Cavas I’ve had (which, by the by, offer ridiculous QPR for bubbly) have had legitimate corks.

Interesting timing on this offer. We have a tour scheduled on Monday at Iron Horse. More of a fan of their still wines though.


They are. Composite cork on top with a solid cork disc on the bottom, iirc from my last visit up there.

Iron Horse has never done me wrong. This could be a great holiday bubbly. I’m such a sucker for the damned Black Tie hump days.

Not to resurrect this old trope, but I was actually pretty astounded by the screwtop closure that Andre had, as it looked like just a basic Stelvin setup with a little more plastic crap in it to keep the seal, and I have to wonder why more producers aren’t using them. Perhaps it takes some kind of fancy machinery to put a screwtop on bubbly, or maybe it’s just bubbly producers are even more stodgy and behind the curve than other non-Australian winemakers. There was an article posted (I think the last time we had bubbly up) about a new, more environmentally-friendly bottle for bubbly, though, so who knows - maybe in the next decade or so we’ll see a lot of lower-end bubbly going to Stelvins.

For what it’s worth, the Andre tasted like vinegar distilled from unripe apples and goat bile, but it still had plenty of bubbles, so the closure certainly works.

Edit: Dug up the aforementioned article.

How many years can you lay these down for?..not that they will last past New Years in Hawaii this year.

Thanks for another great black tie offer!


all the details: Sparkling

Does anybody on the tour remember what the Makeup Cuvee was? I remember that it was such a limited release that it used the standard Wedding Cuvee labels with an additional heart sticker on it.