Italian Hotel Collection 1000TC 6Pc Embroidered Sheet Set

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Italian Hotel Collection 1000TC 6Pc Embroidered Sheet Set
Price: $39.99 - 59.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, Sep 08 to Wednesday, Sep 09) + transit
Condition: New


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this is no bargain, unless you just want pretty sheets to make your guest room bed look pretty… (then change them for your actual guests…)
55% Egyptian Cotton/45% polyester

what’s the point of Egyptian Cotton… if it’s nearly 1/2 plastic???

You can find much better fabric, in even 200 Thread count bamboo sheets…
or 350 count all cotton …

Thank you, and have you noticed that the changes to the comment forum (each item on a different thread) has made any negative comments more difficult to say? No one has the time to comment something negative about an inferior product on each separate thread. Maybe, the new format was to cut down the influence, of negative comments. Could just be a coincidence, I guess.

…each item has always been on a different topic, AFAIK? I’ve not ever seen people talking about toasters in the same thread as jello molds, anyway.

No, in the woot plus sections the comments were not on specific items but on the entire section, so you would have people discussing toasters and jello molds in the same thread.
this change is recent.

Has woot been disappointing lately or is it just me? I can get this crap everywhere and probably cheaper wake up woot and smell the money.

What is your definition of lately?!
since 2010? - the year Amozon bought WOOT

I agree to this. I bought my first item in 5 years this weekend.
I had purchases all the way back to the early 2000’s. Woot has been selling garbage, IDK why I continue to look. Its usually crap.

Yes, we know we suck. We’ve sucked since 2004. Nothing has changed that.

Now, how about these sheets?

I have a set of cotton/poly and I like them quite a bit. Great feel to them.

I guess I’ve never noticed, but my frequent purchases and early morning/midnight Woot home page searches all seemed to stop around the same time… Linking with the Amazon buy out. Since then, only averaging one purchase a year. And I’ve gone days without my “woot fix” because the products & prices are continuously disappointing. too bad.

TT, do you notice them being warmer than 100% cotton to sleep under? Himself is a human radiator. Couple that with the occasional dog or cat that wanders up on our bed during the night and it can make for a real furnace during the summer.

thanks for the “55% Egyptian Cotton/45% polyester” - that’s kinda buried in the specs… says “Luxuriously soft Egyptian cotton-rich blend” on the front end!


FWIW, I’m a still-satisfied old time Wooter. What kind of nincompoop expects every day’s offering to be ideal? No company (or group of total losers) can compete with the entire commercial universe and hit 100% success.

Are these Percale? I know most people don’t know what that is, but if you want your sheets to last you want Percale. I looked and answered my own question since percale only goes up to 800TC. What weave are these?

Not that I can tell. Mine are also 1000TC and that makes them rather thick. These are the ones I bought.

These are sateen. At 1000TC, percale would feel like a tarp.

So glad someone pointed out that these were not 100% cotton, I was ready to pull the trigger. I have not had a good experience with cotton/poly blend sheets (they tend to pill) over the last 35+ years I’ve been running a household.

I still love W00T, though.

First the sheets. Hot, not 100% cotton, not a deal - 'nough said.

Now about woot. The allure of woot was one item at an incredible price per day. Snooze you loose. East Coaster like myself had to stay up until 1am to grab the goods and it was worth it.

Now it feels like just a drop by involves trolling through all of Amazon. Furthermore I have to deal with the ads, the price comparisons, the doubts, the delayed shipping, cost of shipping, tax and moderators.

I don’t think woot sucks, it just isn’t woot anymore. It’s more of an afterthought at best. I still buy sometimes, but I feel like it is a pity purchase at best.