Jamo by Klipsch 5.0CH Home Cinema System

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Jamo by Klipsch 5.0CH Home Cinema System
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This is a steal for the price. I bought this couple of months back. Had to pay twice the price. Sounds great. It is for those enthusiasts who want to save on space, listen to music and avoid cleaning those large box type speakers.

Time to check out the product page and a couple of very good reviews (4.7 out of 5.0) over at bestbuy.com

Can anyone comment about the sonic differences between these and the mirage microsat set? I have the mirage in a small room at home and like them a lot, but I’m a sucker for new audio gear… Any reason to change?

I know next to nothing about speakers, what kind of amp would I use for these?

Are these bluetooth compatible or do you have to run a wire to them? Thanks

According to the User Manual (PDF) they are wired.

Something’s fishy about all the product shots… Where are the speaker wires?

So… Jamo evidently acquired Mirage (and Mirage’s “Omnipolar” technology). This is what Jamo did with it. These speakers seem very well reviewed…

I remember Klipsch from the old days. They were a relatively high end company with great products. Unfortunately, the last few things I have bought with their name on them have been of poor build quality and had a very tinny sound. Not like I remember at all. I was disappointed, since I had always spoken highly of their products. I conclude that they have either sold their name or have change manufacturing to somewhere that does not have their former high quality control…Anyone else? I am sure I cannot be the only one.

The big change happened in 2011 when Audiovox bought them.

Anyone happen to notice the efficiency is only 81 dB? Not going to get much sound out of these. I guess size does matter.

Fairly typical in vendor art. Look around the internet at speakers, desktop computers, TVs, toasters, etc. They’re all suddenly wireless.

I’m with everybody else, calling it a "Home theater SYSTEM " and showing no wires , stating that the speakers could be mounted anywhere, had me believing it had some base station and the 5 speakers. If it is just speakers than they should call it home theater speakers, since it is not a system.

Does anyone know if these are wired or wireless?

Same place all the wires are in shots of computer desks!

Reading is fundamental… ROGETRAY’s post

Klipsch bought Mirage in 2006, so I would imagine this is the same Mirage omnisat technology with a bit of a new twist. I bought the original omnisats about 10 years ago and was always a big fan of Mirage speakers. They really haven’t done much on the Mirage side since they were acquired.

Same here. I just spent the last 20 minutes trying to figure these things out. The lengthy description is all marketing fluff and all the pictures would make you think these are wireless and magically connect to your theater system without any other gear.

I eventually figured out these are just 5 wired speakers. You’re going to need an amp, most likely a sub, and probably a bunch of speaker wire.