JVC 37” Full HD 1080p LCD TV

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JVC 37" Full HD 1080p LCD TV
$279.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Hooray. A TV.


Oh so JVC is still a company?

You are on top of this today. It’s gotta be the bacon!

So now I know what mothers do during their maternity leave. Nice detective work Woot.

Or the Diet Pepsi and chocolate donuts

You need some tactical bacon

Oh boy a TV I can finally go to the little boys room. I have only been waiting for an hour.

I hope this isn’t the first wootoff sans roku… could do with two more
Especially if they have Ethernet ports.

I’m disappointed they didn’t put a bacon related image super imposed on that TV.

Just a reminder that I’m taking wish lists and suggestions for products you’d like to see. No promises as to whether we can get them but I definitely pass on a list at the end of each woot-off.

The one I got a couple months ago had finger tip sized dead pixels in 5 places. The company sent me a new one as replacement. It is a pretty good tv for cheap.

That woman’s picture gets me every time.

Picture these sales being quickly created last week.


I don’t get why people would buy these. I just bought a brand new Hisense LED 42" from Costco for $350 a month ago.

That said…please buy these and move this wootoff along.

Here are bacon related suggestions

Tactical Bacon:

Bacon Explosion:


Bacon Salt:

Well, I’m hanging around to see if the reel mower shows up here on the Home.Woot page. I just barely missed it last time around (forgot about it all day, then checked back into the site seconds after it rolled over to the next day). So that’s my suggestion.