Kalorik Magic Bean 10-Cup Coffee Maker with Built-in Burr Grinder

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Kalorik Magic Bean 10-Cup Coffee Maker with Built-in Burr Grinder [New] - $99.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Kalorik CCG-24104 Magic Bean 1350 Watt 10 Cup Programmable Coffeemaker with Burr Grinder

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Yowtch - 2 stars on Amazon.

For a second, I thought this was a cool tower computer.

What is the Voltage rating??Will it work on 220 volts?? or only confined to 110 volts?

here’s the product website (it is discontinued)

and the user manual

I bought one on woot a while back and overall extremely satisfied.

have to turn on the heating plate when you remove
alert beep doesn’t stop until you remove the pot (doesn’t turn off either)
doesn’t hold enough beans for my amount of use (refill every 3 days)
wish I had the option to brew 8 cups, but that is nitpicking I guess.

grinder has never plugged (this surprised me)
brews super hot and fast
holds enough water to make more than one pot
isn’t too loud when grinding

I was hoping to find some better reviews, but they don’t like it on Buzziliions either. Oh well.

Is that Wesley Snipes in your avatar?

Can it make cocoa?


While noting the amazon review is only 2 stars, please do take note that their current sale price is THREE TIMES this woot price.

If you note the savings, the item is worth three times what you’d pay for it, making the actual rating 6 stars.

Of course I studied for the test - why do you ask?

I have an older Capresso with a glass cafafe and I LOVE it. The only thing it’s missing is a thermal carafe.

Because of it’s burr grinder and thermal carafe I considered this Kalorik for a brief second, but after reading the reviews my mind was changed.

The comparable Capresso is $218.95 on Amazon. It gets 4 stars there. I’d buy if woot ever offers a Capresso!

Two helpful hints for anyone buying this coffeemaker - if you want strong coffee, use half the water with the beans. We have a Capresso and use water to the 5 cup mark, and a full 10 cup grinding of beans on fine, with the brew setting on strong. That is the only way it does not brew “hot brown water” as one of the Amazon reviewers said about this Kalorik. Also - use disposable filters instead of the metal one - much easier cleanup.

Carp! For that kind of price, you can get a guaranteed excellent coffee maker: Technivorm. This poor thing just ain’t in the same league, but thankfully the Woot price puts it just a notch above Mr. Coffee, about where it should be.

Just wish Woot would do a deal on a Technivorm (yeah, right) or a good superautomatic espresso machine…

Does it have a timer?

After viewing the User Manual, I found no indication of an “auto-shutoff” feature… for me, this would be a major SAFETY ISSUE… even the cheapo coffee makers will shut themselves off after two hours or so…


If by cocoa you mean coffee, then yes.

I’m a little shocked these two message boards aren’t linked.


I’ll copy/pasta what I wrote there:

Bought two of them off woot a few months ago for my office. Within a week both were unusable. Customer service has been rough. Don’t waste your money on these. Does anyone know if woot intervenes or is the buyer responsible for continuing to try and get a refund if the company only wants to repair them?

Guesses, here… refund?.. no…

Refurb?.. yes…

and the beat goes on…

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