Kalorik Magic Bean 10-Cup Coffee Maker with Built-in Burr Grinder

A breathalyzer and then a coffee maker? Touché, Woot, touché . . .

Can this be rushed airmail so we can stay awake for the wootoff?

can’t wait to grind a burr!

I’m going to need a cup of that to stay up for this boring woot off…

i don’t drink coffee but the design of this alone makes me want to buy one

Can we get to the roombas all ready.

Perfect for me staying up all night…just hope mine arrives in the next few hours!

I hate you, Woot. I need some sleep! Too much college!

I want the single cup coffee maker…

Good choice to start a woot off…lets get caffeinated!!

Amazon reviews pfffft…


Sigh…its a dirty job but someone had to do it

I hate coffee. I hate the smell. I hate the taste.

I’m in for 3!

It does resemble a computer tower… thats it, I want a coffee pot built into my computer tower!!!

Burr grinders don’t heat the coffee as much as blade grinders, so this is a plus in the flavor dept.

interesting though…the “good” reviews are not only good, but try to discount the bad reviews. In the end, I am too confused to buy this.

Bought this quite a few months ago here when it was $99. There’s a reason why it’s so cheap now: It’s a POS.

Frakin thing was crap. Couldn’t get it to work properly since day one.

This thing is going for $200-$300 everywhere on the net! I clicked on this thing as soon as it popped up and it was already sold out! I don’t know how i can be any faster. I feel like they shouldn’t let me get to the payment page if they are already gone.

Laaaame. I need a coffee maker bad.

Maybe you can buy wrexallen’s. :slight_smile: I just bought one,but I’m beginning to wonder after reading some of the reviews.