Kensington WiFi Finder Plus - 2 Pack



Some 4th of July Pricing links… $24.99 for one - $18.95 for one


Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Kensington WiFi Finder Plus - 2 Pack
$19.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 2 Kensington WiFi Finder Plus 33086


I prefer a good ol’ laptop…especially because you can log access points found, and if you have a GPS, even put them on a map.


if it were 1 for $10 i would buy it. Don’t really need two


“built in flashlight”



Awesome, I’ve never seen a wi-fi detector that also detects bluetooth!


Great headline Woot…

As for the product, well your laptop should do this automatically anyway.


decent woot for the price… BUT product does sucks.


Have one of those

They work OK, but I wish it had an on/off switch, as you put it in your laptop bag is constantly on and the battery drains in a few days


Detects WiFi AND Bluetooth AND has a built-in flashlight and all for $10/ea?

Now I wish I hadn’t invested $60 in a Linsys one.


Yeah, not knowing whether or not the signal is encrypted in any fashion is a pretty major oversight. Not that I would expect anything this small to be advanced enough to know that.

Bluetooth, is this going to let me know who all nearby has a RAZR?


crap. who the hell needs a wifi finder???


This is the woot I have been praying for! Oh ye gods of Woot! Oh ye heroes of old! Your great blessing shall not go unnoticed! I will praise you in both the North and the South. Your name will ring on high in both the East and the West. All men shall know your name for you are Woot!

(PS - No way am I buying this thing.)


If you’re not sure if there’s a wifi signal, you don’t need to turn on your laptop to see. :smiley:


Glad I held out from the other crappy ones to get these!


erm… i read and read over again… i still dunno what this does = =…

i guess i’m just stupid… or wait… no i dun need this at all…


Honestly, of all the woots i’ve wooted this was unnecessary and worthless. the best woots for me were the Logitech Headphones and WD Caviar hard drives. These are really not necessary. You won’t be able to find out the SSID which is required. If the owner is smart, they’ll stop their SSID from being broadcast, so your wireless signal is detected by this product and then what? Save your money.


well, I guess something Red, White and Bluetooth? was in order, but c’mon, for the anniversary of the USA’s founding, we get a twofer of this…

…perhaps, just maybe, the beginning of a WOOT-OFF…nah


These are great! If you use two at the same time, you can detect the elusive redteeth network!