Kershaw Clash Knives, 2 Models

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Kershaw Clash Knives, 2 Models
Price: $16.99
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Are these knives off of the London Calling album?! Sorry, but I had to get in a Clash joke before tomorrow’s Woot! All jokes aside, I currently own a Kershaw Lifter in blackwash finish and absolutely love it! It is my daily carry knife and has been used way more than you can imagine but still holds its sharpness. I cannot attest to the Clash style knives specifically, but it appears to have the same opening action as my Lifter, which is literally as simple as the flip of a finger to open the blade! I say if you need a knife that will last, and you don’t live in a location in which the opening mechanism or blade length are prohibited, you should get it! For more information on knife laws, please visit

One last thing…for more information on the blade material, which is 8CR13MoV stainless steel, you can find some input here: but basically it is a Chinese Stainless steel that is similar in quality to AUS8 stainless steel. The follwoing formula is a break down in the steel: 8CR part means it is 8% chromium and the 17MoV means .17% molybdenum and .17% Vanadium.

Looks like a nice $7 convenience store quality knife.

I own this knife with the combo (plain + serrated) blade, and it is a great knife. I also own many other Kershaw knives, some with the SpeedSafe assisted opening, some without, and except for my tiny little Scallion, the Clash is faster opening than all of the others (and this also includes some assisted opening knives from other manufacturers). It’s just a wicked fast opener.

The blade is Chinese steel, but having owned many knives with the same steel, I find it to be comparable to AUS-8 steel. It is super easy to get an insanely sharp edge, it holds that edge plenty well for light everyday carry work, and is decent with corrosion resistance.

While I usually prefer thinner frame locks, this Clash is just too sweet to pass up. My eighth Kershaw is on its way!!

It is a little expensive for me.

With shipping it still beats the price at Amazon or Walmart by $4-6.

I have the combo knife and it’s the best daily carry I’ve ever owned. Incredibly fast with a solid feel.

only thing I ever owned made in china with real quality. to bad I live in new York where EVERYTHING is illegal including this knife.

hmm… $17 here on woot, plus the $5 shipping.

$23.77 on Amazon right now.If you have prime this is a better deal.

Sure you pay about $2 more at the mothership, but With Amazon, you don’t have to deal with shitty woot CS, and can send back the knife, not to mention getting it in 2 days flat.

I can’t beleive that Amazon still hasn’t figured out how many Woot customers are Amazon Prime members (I’m sure they do, just saying) and that they should extend Prime features to Woot purchases, to make it even remotely worth shopping here anymore.

I miss the old Woot days. Meh FTW.

Another positive review for the Clash combo knife. Incredibly keen out of the box; immediate, consistent opening.

The black serrated clash has been my everyday carry knife since October. Fantastic knife.

No way woot could handle 2 day shipping be it paid or under Prime. But yeah, I will spend 10-15% more just to have the Amazon CS/return policy.

Yep…selling out really sucks. And I am a “Charter Member” of Woot…bought with them back when they first started out having awesome deals…but now it’s just Amazon’s way of dumping off more factory reconditioned crap!

This! All of this!