Kershaw Knives SHUFFLE (2 Blades)

This is not an “exciting” knife; it is a very, very practical knife. The blade is “federal facility legal”. It will NOT get you arrested (except in NYC, which is a circle of hell). The bottle opener is fantastically useful. Every EDC knife should have one. It has a crude but serviceable screwdriver on the butt, which will also break glass. The steel is adequate and easy to sharpen. You won’t know you are carrying it. The 1920 has more tool options, but has blade length and weight issues.

Bought one of these knives a few weeks ago. The blade is decent, but the bottle opener refuses to open any bottles. Very disappointing since the bottle opener was the feature I really wanted.

I purchased the black one from Woot, in Aug, for the same price.
Cons: I also have not successfully opened a bottle with it and it is a little heavier than I expected. The clip holds very tight, so much so that it is difficult to remove at times.
Pros: The blade came very sharp and it has kept its edge.
I am currently using it as my EDC blade, for the time being. I’m not sure if it will replaced my preferred EDC blade however.

The Shuffle 2 is much improved. I’d check it out before going for this one.