Kershaw Knives

Snagged the Scallion. My dad always like kershaw knives so hopefully this will be a good replacement for my SOG twitch II that I dropped down the inside of my wall while repairing my shower.

Yeah. That Scallion is a great little knife. The coloring looks nice, it’s large enough to be really handy, and it’s a quality American knife.

I have a first generation Onion that I have carried since '05 and it continues to be my favorite pocket knife. Over my SOG and my CRKT. Only knife I’d say that I like better is my father’s Abel, but I can’t afford to carry a $300+ knife.

My knife is still in perfect condition except for the plastic blade lock to keep it closed. That came off years ago, but I’ve never had the knife open accidentally so I don’t think it was ever necessary.

I actually had to tighten mine up a few times, after I’ve dropped it. A little loctite and the tiny screwdriver have fixed it for now, going on 3-4 months. I’ve owned this one since 2003!

My hubby loves his kershaw. I’ll be back here Friday, payday, to pick him up one for a stocking stuffer.

The assisted opening knifes kershaw makes are amazing the little tab on the knife allows you to open it one handed very fast. I would say as fast or faster than a switchblade. The only thing I don’t like about my knife is the clip is kinda small would like it to extend farther down the body.

I should point out that the Turbulence is a hell of a deal. gives it a pretty glowing review. Link below

The Turbulence is available at a couple different online retailers for $34 shipped. So its not a huge deal unless you have free shipping unlocked here.

Sandvik 14C28N is good steel.

I would opt for the knives with Sandvik over 8Cr13MoV blades.

If I were to buy one of these, I would opt for the Turbulence.

I already have too many folders as is, but these make great stocking stuffers/Secret Santa gifts.

How do you unlock free shipping?

I think you buy something, pay $5 for shipping, and then for all other subsequent purchases in a 24-hour period you get free shipping. There might be some other special way, but that’s as far as I know.

Even after shipping & tax, this is the best deal I’ve seen from researching this product the past little bit.

There’s no free shipping, and unfortunately, we no longer have $5 shipping all day. It’s $5/order.

Quality over quantity.

I was referring to the 24-hour shipping period that manhandsha informed us no longer applies.

Amazon is currently offering $10 off Kershaw knife purchases over $50. Throw in free shipping for orders over $35 and it’s a sweet deal. More selection than here too.

Stick with the Turbulence. Best of the lot being offered.

BTW, PETE Kershaw started the company and sold out to Kai Corp of Japan, not Clayton (who probably couldn’t be trusted with a knife much less make one).

There’s being funny and then …

Gotcha, thanks for the FYI, good to know!

Certainly! :slight_smile:

I own two Kershaw knives and have for years. I can attest to the durability and longevity of the brand. I have a “leek” and a “Blur” – both are assisted folding knives, and they’ve been incredibly handy.

I carry the Blur regularly, because it’s bigger and I like the feel of it. I’ve used it enough that I’ve had to sharped it a few times (I use an electric sharpener with a built-in grinding wheel).

Good stuff!