Kindle Keyboard 3G +Wi-Fi E-Reader

Got two and I love them. Hold down the shift key and the SYM key and it reads to you in a pretty good male voice. Plugged it into my auxport on my car and listened on the drive home. Just turn off the voice before you turn off the unit, or it keeps talking.

WiFi works fine with my Amazon account. For $20 shipped, it is so cheap for a talking reader.

Just got another one for my wife.

the first link says 3g, then the rest says its not, which is it?

Can I check my email with this? Is there a (black and white) web browser?

I don’t believe so. They have crippled the experimental browser so that it only goes to Wikipedia. It used to be a killer feature, but no more.

I bought this last year when it was on Woot. You have to manually update it to the most current software version (download from Amazon’s site onto your computer and transfer via USB). But once this is done, it works great!

Did you get a response on the 3g?

Did you get a response on whether 3G or not?

Sorry, it is not 3G.

then why does it very clearly says so under ‘Specs’?

It says “3G” in my cart. ???

Because they just changed their mind and said that it has 3G.


Got mine today. It’s in very good condition. It does have 3G.

Only issue is it was on a low firmware version, which prevented me from connecting to any online features on the device. Had to update it using my PC to the latest firmware version. Now it connects and functions perfectly.

For anyone who isn’t seeing the “3G” in the top corner and thinks it’s broken like I did, try these things:

  1. Make sure the “Turn Wireless On” setting is on.
  2. Sign into your Amazon account on the device.
  3. Register the device in your “Manage Content and Devices” on
  4. Turn Whispersync setting on in “Manage Content and Devices” on
  5. Make sure your firmware version is 3.4.2 (Menu > Settings > Bottom Right of screen) If not, update firmware using instructions on
  6. Do a hard reset (plug in and hold power slide-button for 40sec).