KitchenAid 5Qt Tilt-Head Stand Mixer-3 Colors

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KitchenAid 5Qt Tilt-Head Stand Mixer-3 Colors
Price: $229.99
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Great reviews (4.8 out of 5.0) over at

I got one, awhile ago, best mixer ever, used it to make cookies and cakes, gained 15 pounds!

Once you have this in your kitchen, you won’t believe how you lived without it.
This makes a great wedding gift.
An added plus is that ALL the old attachments from decades ago fit in the front and will still work (you can find many at estate and garage sales!!).

Hi, If I’m buying this to use it not in the US where the voltage is 220-240 will it work?

[MOD: No, it is 110/120 Volts AC]

300 Watts max? No bueno amigos.
My 6-quart is 575 Watts. I’ve been warned about mixers made especially for Costco and other club outlets… cheaper motors. Looks like the rumors were true. No thanks Wootsters.

I don’t think you realize that the mixers available at Costco/Sam’s club were all 575 watt model…
The 325 watt is the “home owner” edition of those professional style mixers and the only motor available in a tilt back head.

I hear you! I now bring all my baking into work

One of my favorite parts of working in an office full of guys is that I can bake something, eat a tiny bit, then bring the rest in for the animals to take care of!

Can we get a model number?

[MOD: See my post below]

This is the best price you will find anywhere. Amazing machines, and you can get all kinds of attachments for them.

Can I get a version that runs on 220 volts?

[MOD: No, it is 110/120 Volts AC]

I don’t think they’ll list a model #, but I think I’ve found it for those who are looking. Google KSM105GBC. I couldn’t even find that model on KitchenAid’s website anymore, so it looks like they might be phasing out of it.

I don’t think they’ll list the model #, but try googling KSM105GBC. I think that’s what it is. It can’t even be found on KitchenAid’s website anymore. I think they may be phasing out of it.

This will do everything you want it to do in a home kitchen.

I’m not saying don’t buy, but KitchenAid mixers are one of those quintessential black Friday / Christmas season sale items. Every year there is some retailer selling them for $175-$200. So if you have patience you might find a little better deal.

KSM105GBCMC Silver

No, this is made for US voltage. Here’s the question on Amazon.

We do not sell an international version.

Agreed not really a great price. Kohl’s usually has these for $175 if not less during Back Friday / Holiday Season. Plus you get Kohl’s cash back.

And Kohl’s Cash is the perfect gift for those thrice removed wedding announcements…