Kuhn Rikon Can & Jar Opener Set

Where do I get Woot! Soup?

I got one of these recently- the jar opener is really great! Best I have tried.

This can opener looks like the “safety” kind that does not leave a sharp edge on the can. This is great for some cans, but try draining a can of tomatoes or tuna with a lid that doesn’t fit back inside the rim. Difficult and messy.

Another rave review about the jar opener here. I have arthritis & there are times in the past when I’ve had to give up on opening something, but this tool makes all the difference in the world. I wouldn’t have found it without Woot!, either. If you know someone who has trouble with arthritis, BUY THIS! It’s that good.

My boyfriend tightens every jar so tight I can’t open anything unless he’s around. In for one, plz.

Correction, SCREAMING monkey bits.

I got this set last time I saw it on Woot. The jar opener is great and easy to use.

The can opener is needlessly complicated (I mean really, it’s just a can opener!), big and bulky, and broke within a couple months. The can no longer stays snug to the blade, so it doesn’t cut.

But hey, the jar opener itself was worth the $10.

My kingdom for a left-handed can opener!

I’m a single woman with little hope of finding a husband so this comes in handy when I’m walking home alone very late at night. I like it because it fits in my purse and I’m not constantly searching for batteries. Maintenance is also easy. No need to “season” it eery few months one might expect. Iv’e hard that the European model has a remote control so I’m holding out for that.

In for 1 :slight_smile:

I agree with this comment. I love the jar opener. I’m apparently too stupid to figure out the can opener. However, I would have paid the same price happily had it only been the jar opener.

I bought these during the last woot-off. I love them! I don’t have arthritis, but I do a lot of work with my hands, in the garden, digging, wooting on my iPhone, and working with crazy contraptions (and wonderful people) while nursing, so anything to save them a bit of hard work is awesome.

My kitchen gadgets are mostly red (I like that vintage look), and that was the only downside here… If you’re picky, the reds were not the same. One was more of a “bacon” red, while the other a bit more “tomato”… All I need is the lettuce right? They are also quite large, so be prepared. That said, they’re still amazing, and I highly recommend!

A lot of people find the can opener difficult to use. Here’s a diagram I made which may help.

There is a website especially for you.
The only thing missing there are left-handed compliments.
Happy shopping.

I got these before, likely on a woot-off… I gave away the lid opener thing but kept the can opener. It works. I like it. Better then using one of them electrical things that take up valuable counter (or cupboard) space.

Ok, you all convinced me, I bought a set for my Mom just for the jar opener!

I too bought this canopener last time and I love it! I have NO idea how I manage to get it on every time I use it though. I can’t quite figure out if it’s supposed to snap in place or how it operates (I just kind of lay it on there and start turning and it magically works!). So…thanks for the diagram. I should print this up and keep it with the can opener. :slight_smile:

That… is… awesome!!! You made a diagram! You so win quality post!

I, too, bought several of these on a previous Woot. Or maybe a Woot-Off. Anyway, the jar opener is God’s gift to women whose men have to crank everything down to just before stripping the threads. Why do they do that? Not really wild about the can opener mostly because I can’t drain the liquid in a can a tuna or olives by just pressing in on the top like I can with an old fashioned, slice-your-hand-on-the-cut-edge can opener.