Land of Splendor and Corn

Wisconsin is the only chubby state, come on here. We should at least be saying something about beer or make us look drunk. haha. Great shirt though!

What! We can voice Anvil vs American Apparel now!!!

Mt. Rushmore is in Montana huh?

I love this shirt just for Oregon!
We put birds on things!
(If you’re not sure, it is from Portlandia)

Mt. Rushmore is not in Montana–Bison are. I think those states got reversed!

But you can see South Dakota objecting to it.

I think the point is that Montana has a lack of specific notable things…so it steals South Dakotas popular place, which is why he is freaking out.

YAY! I’m glad this one placed! The colors really pop out nicely on the red. Sadly this will do nothing to help my inability to tell some of the states apart. I’m going to be all “you know the Corn winking state!” and look end up looking silly.

Hey now, Kansas is a wheat state.

Is one of those the old, better-for-girls style? I hate the newer style, too big and boxy!

Haha. This shirt is hilarious. At least I got beans originally and now gators, instead of mass corn.

Major facepalm! There’s only one thing of note her in SD, and Woot is giving it to Montana!

Yup. There is nothing notable in Montana. Now go tell your friends.

My favorite has to be Idaho shouting “tots” to get some attention away from all the corn.

When I drove through the midwest for the first time, my initial thought was “holy crap that’s a lot of corn”

I felt bad saying that…I guess it is big sky country! Beautiful state all and all.

Alaska’s polite “Please note I am not to scale” is my current favorite and I think might qualify for a spin off shirt. So many things to enjoy and laugh at and such neat lettering.

I think that’s why South Dakota is angry-looking and saying “hey!”

Hey, Montana! South Dakota! Quit yer bitchin! At least you exist. Those of us here in the colony of the District of Columbia aren’t even hinted at. No red tape or nuthin!