Nickname that State

I love this design, but I see one BIG problems.

Iowa is the Cyclone state.

Love this! And even though I don’t live in a state (I’m in the colony of the District of Columbia), this is reallllly tempting.


Love the colors and lettering on this one! Also the little details on the states.

Very cool. So much to fun to take a close look at.

PA changed itself from ‘Keystone State’ to ‘State of Independence’ within the last decade, although the state’s website still says both.

I wonder how much trouble a 5th grader would get into for wearing this on state facts/geography test day…

Oh look at you with your fancy “wanting things spelled correctly on a shirt” attitude.

Lies! Filthy dirty lies.

I absolutely love the fact that the fonts are hand drawn. That must of took a lot of effort. Great job.

Considering it doesn’t actually name the states, probably none. It would be a great shirt for teachers.

Relieved to see that my home of Colorado is listed as the “Centennial” state and not the “Not Quite Wyoming” state.

I love how South Dakota’s is basically the landmark they’re most famous for.

“Oh yeah we’re the Mount Rushmore state, You know because presidents carved into rocks is pretty much all we have going for us over here. Please visit us!!”

: )

This shirt should be glow in the dark.

Oh, sorry!

Between both men and women…

In my old school, the state’s random facts were part of the tests too. I could map out the states, and their capitals, but was terrible at the nicknames. I still don’t know why kids need to the know the ‘state bird’ of anything.

I like this shirt just for the nicknames. It is immensely better since it uses some sports references as their nicknames. But I do have to say that Florida should get rid of it’s status as the ‘Sunshine State’. It was only sunny 4 days all summer where I live in Florida.

I’d like this as a poster

Nicely designed and executed. Kudos!