Lectrofan Classic Sound Machine

Lectrofan Classic Sound Machine

I’ve used one of the each fall/winter to replace the sound of a fan. Very nice.


I’ve had one for a thousand years… Plus or minus… Anyway it’s a good machine. Seems to last.

Yep, and a Wirecutter pick for those of us nerds who look at that stuff. Not quite as “natural” as the Dohm (the one with an actual fan in it) but it has more volume settings than just “loud” and “freaking loud” unlike the Dohm. (I have both) I use it as a bit of a “sonic shield” for my office when the kids are noisy. If it was on when you unplug it, it will be on when you plug it back in, same settings, so you can even use a smart plug to smartify it.

Can’t you use YouTube and. Play white noise in the background? What is the point of this?

It’s literally an appliance that just does one thing and does it well. I’ve used my phone on travel (there are apps) but it always sounds so harsh I’m worried about the speakers, it ties up my phone, etc. With the machine it’s just “kids being loud, plug it in”, I have it configured how I like. (There might be more features or timers or something, my use is pretty simple). And the Dohm in kids room is entirely hands off because it’s on a smart plug so it turns on when required at night. These are designed to block out noise and help sleep, so they’re better at it than a multipurpose device.