LectroFan Micro Wireless Sleep Sound Machine

or you could just get an app on your phone to do the same thing + more.

Five fan sounds and four white noise sounds? Those are 9 out of 10 of its “unique” sounds. Just get a fan.

Edit: Posted all snarky, but then I looked on amazon. It has really good reviews and is seriously tiny. Not something I need, but if you travel a lot and need a hum to sleep, it seems like it would be a good product.

These things are awesome!

What sets this apart from an app on a phone is the size of the speaker. Most phone speakers are tiny and don’t do well with lower frequencies. I have to have white noise to sleep, but it has to be on that lower end. My phone can’t come close; at best it sounds like an angry cat hissing. This is small enough to throw in small travel bag, but the speaker is still able to produce a decent range of sounds, including lower frequencies. The fact that the speaker rotates so the sound can be directed is also a huge bonus.

I highly recommend this.

Does this come with a wall adapter and/or charging cord?


Read through the manual linked in the features, it looks like it comes with the USB cable but not the wall adapter.

Pfft…I just plugged this thing in and turned it on and I’m not impresZ z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z…

I got mine today and was surprised by how much more tiny they are than I anticipated. I could stick one one a pocket if I really needed it. Spouse has pretty bad tinnitus and needs white noise to sleep. Usually it’s a big box fan, but it’s a waste of energy and I’m tired of being the only one to remember to turn it off.

This little thing has way better sound than I expected it would, despite the reviews saying just that. It’s got a really nice low end to the sound it can produce, something tiny speakers usually don’t have. Haven’t tried the Bluetooth for music yet, only the preinstalled sounds.

Way better speaker than my phone (not to mention battery lasts longer than using a white noise app) takes up hardly any room, and easy to use.

Also, small enough to hide somewhere and stream strange noises to drive someone nuts. Not that I would do anything like that…