Lenovo X1 Carbon 14" i7 Touch Ultrabook

I’ve talked a lot of smack about the Gen.2 version of the X1 Carbon. However, I own a Gen.3. Except for the display (non-touchscreen) and the SSD (180GB), it’s identical to this model offered for sale, and I’ve been quite happy with it. It’s light, the display is very clear, and the 1440p resolution lets me see a lot of detail (and no, I don’t mind the teensy-weensy text). The keyboard is also fairly comfortable – while the keys aren’t full-travel, they have enough depth that I don’t feel like I’m tapping on a cheap calculator keypad. It also has real buttons on the trackpad (this is, in fact, a big deal). The SSD is also upgradeable, and reportedly supports NVMe.

It’s also provided the most painless Linux installation I’ve ever performed in 20 years. Seriously, It Just Worked. Obliterate Windows, install Debian/Ubuntu/Mint, and you’ll be very happy.

My only significant complaint is that the Ethernet port requires a proprietary adapter dongle (included), which is one extra thing to lose/break.