Lenovo X1-Carbon 14" QHD Touch Ultrabook

Great deal on a ~6 month old machine. I’ve had my X1 for almost three years and love it. I’m guessing this is a little old b/c the current model has the 2.5GHz i7-5600U (this has the 2.1GHz i7-4600U). Given the choice, I would probably go 2.1 anyway (slightly better battery?). Lenovo support is awesome and All Hail the Track Stick!

This is the 2nd gen machine from early last year. There’s some differences between this and the current gen 3 models in the keyboard and elsewhere.

You could save a few hundred more by buying used.

Yeah, but I would not want to miss out on that legendary 3 year warranty this comes with. While not common, the touchscreen can fail, the capacitive button board can fail,the system board can fail, and the cpu fan can fail.

None of these are common, and the X1 Gen 2 is rock solid (except if you decide to try to CRU the keyboard. I don’t think it’s a CRU like the gen 1 and for good reason). That 3 year warranty is going to ensure that this machine will be operational throughout it’s life and it’s well worth it to have that.

I loathe the X1 Carbon. Used them for a year and a half at my previous job and they were the most unreliable laptop I’ve used in a long time. We had to get them swapped out on a regular basis, mostly because they would inexplicably stop powering on entirely.

Also: the touch panel for the F-keys is horrible. It’s really easily to accidentally hit one while you’re typing, since there’s no feedback when it’s tapped. It’s super fun to be working on something in a browser and then hit F5 before saving! The keyboard layout is really bizarre, too - the Home and End keys are where Caps Lock normally is, and the tilde isn’t in the expected place. Makes touch-typing a PITA.