Lenovo X1-Carbon 14" Intel i7 Ultrabook

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Lenovo X1-Carbon 14" Intel i7 Ultrabook
Price: $599.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 Business Days. (Monday, Feb 13 to Thursday, Feb 16) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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This is the one they pretend they never made and the reason everyone was scared about the new Apple laptop touch bar… thing.

What isn’t wrong with this keyboard (That Woot smartly isn’t showing you in the listing)


only if it has 16GB RAM…

This is a great laptop. I bought the i5 versión 6 months ago. Mine has a 4k touch screen which you really don’t need, but I paid $100 less. I only get 4 hours on the battery. They keyboard is wonderful, Even the touch bar instead of actual keys is fine once you are used to it, as is double tap caps key. The laptop never gets hot, with zero fan noise. I bought the dock on eBay for $75. Highly recommend that.

I concur. Which dock did you buy?

Nice laptop, great keyboard

but Gen2 22nm. https://ark.intel.com/products/76616/Intel-Core-i7-4600U-Processor-4M-Cache-up-to-3_30-GHz

Keyboard = AWEEFUL.

The “touchbar” at the top is hella-annoying. But I did find a way to “fix it” so it doesn’t “change” when using other applications. This made it SLIGHTLY better:


In for knowing which dock as well.

It’s $599. Do you want 6th-gen i7 as well? How 'bout a 4TB SSD?

How many USB ports? The specs says 2, elsewhere on the web it’s 3. I’ll need to connect an Ethernet dongle, so that only leaves one port available… Thanks.

Is this the trackpad with the physical buttons for the trackpoint or with the touch buttons? The pictures seems to be wrong if its the one with the trackpoint buttons being physical.

The trackpad has to be up-tilted to act as a mouse button press.

There is NOT independent tactile buttons on this model like most laptops.

2 USB ports, plus a dedicated Ethernet port that requires a (supplied) dongle. So you’ll still have 2 USBs avail.
Along with a full-size HDMI port.

Yes, the touchpad is a bit clunky for mouse clicks (I only use the eraserhead for cursor movement). The double-click for Caps-lock is actually very intuitive, and the dual purpose “top row” is actually great, as I use function keys a lot and this hasn’t slowed me down a bit. I’ve had the I7 version for well over a year now and the thing is great. Runs (cool) for 6 hours easy, and uses the same Lenovo power (with a $7 adapter) that my last thousand Lenovos have used. If I could get this by SWMBO I’d be in for another (or two) in a heartbeat.

I have had a gen 1 since 2013. It is a great no, GREAT laptop if you can deal with 2 USB ports/no cd.

The keyboard on the gen 2 (apparently this one) has a learning curve (it’s a PIA for me). I have several gen2s and 3s in service at a client’s firm. You CAN set the touch bar so that it will show F1-12 etc. only.

Bullet proof - one of the gen 2 or gen 3 units sat on a desk under a leaking roof for a weekend. It was basically about to float off the table when the user rescued it. A trip to Lenovo and $110 replaced the trackpad - that was the only part that got wet.

At $600 - over $1000 less than I spent on any of the above - can’t go wrong with this.

These 2nd Gen X1’s just keep coming back and back and back on Woot. There is a reason it is always the 2nd gen they are shilling. The keyboard is carp, as is the long-throw-click touchpad. You cannot set the touchbar to show the print screen key for love or money.

What is the part number? Is it the

Jumped on this deal when it was available 1/17/2017.

I’ve had the laptop for nearly a month and only have minor complaints. Has two small scratches along the edge of the screen and the keyboard was FILTHY when it arrived (you know how really old keyboards accumulate dirt and grime if not cleaned on a regular basis… yea). It’s a refurbished machine that clearly had a previous owner, but no complaints here. Cleaned the keyboard, scratches are out of the way, very happy with my purchase.

More info please? I am looking for exactly what you describe and in that price range. I would look at this one but I want the touch screen. Is the one you have also the smaller size 14"? I’m looking for a low end gaming PC for my daughter and she likes the smaller footprint (currently using my $169 11.6" Lenovo Thinkpad I bought on Woot last year, which barely runs her web based games and can’t do steam at all).