LG 47" or 55" 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV

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LG 47" or 55" 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV
$499.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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I"ll take one of each!

I’d like to be watching THIS

on today’s woot.

Good deal or bad deal?

Wow, this is a steal. Now I don’t have any more excuses to not buy a TV for the living room to start my Insanity workout.

Just a warning to someone looking for a 120hz TV. The way LG advertises is 120hz TrueMotion, this is NOT a 120hz TV it is a 60hz with LG’s crappy TrueMotion. I bought one of these and I had to call LG to see why it was always 60hz, after heated conversation the rep finally admitted it is only 60hz. Just FYI with my past experience. I am no way saying this is not a good TV, I love LG tv’s.

Doesn’t say the model, but seems to be the 47LV4400. I bought the 47" new and died 2 months later. After using google it seems that a lot of these tvs die in 2 or 3 months thanks to a faulty main board and power supply.

Maybe since these are refurbs they are repaired with a better main board than what originally came with it?

Anybody have any idea how this price compares with the 3D version when woot offered that last?

The 47" model weighs 12 pounds less than the 55" model, which might affect how quickly you can flee from the robots in the post-apocalyptic wasteland, TV in tow.

I’m definitely using AirPlay on mountain lion to watch this curiosity landing on my 51" Samsung plasma pn51d7000! Looks awesome! And very tempted by this woot even though I definitely shouldn’t be.

Short Cnet review on the 47"

Short Cnet review on the 55"

In case any fellow Wooters are nervous about such a large purchase with Woot, I suggest you review the last time this went up for sale (be very nervous):


Basically the story is that the packaging and shipping of the previous run of these went completely sideways (no protection at all, broken screens, damaged or missing parts, no shipping data for a week and delays in shipping because of a second rate carrier). In my opinion (and others as shared in the thread linked above) Woot has not done enough to address the issue(s). My brother-in-law was going to pull the trigger on this one, but I convinced him not to as a matter of principal from the last time. It’s only one customer and one transaction – but it’s all I can do to feel any justice since Woot staff went silent on us in the other thread.

tl;dr Woot didn’t do very good on the last time they sold LG LED refurbs. Customers are still waiting for resolution. Be afraid, this is not the same Woot many of us fell in love with so long ago.

Why not just tune in to NASA channel?

A short message from the buyer in regards to the shipping of these LGs:

Curse you woot!

Pay day for me is Tuesday!

I want another 55" :frowning:

I missed this deal the least time too!

I like the trumotion. Although technically it is 60hz LG’s trumotion adds a blank screen between each refresh giving it the 120hz rating. It helps control the motion blur associated with TV’s with high refresh rates.

So although you are correct that it is 60hz, the trumotion and blank screen insert gives it the appearance of a 120hz system without the motion blur of a an actual 120hz system found in some.

We didn’t want to misrepresent the TV and checked some other sources. We’ve removed the reference to a refresh rate of 120Hz as it does seem that it is a TruMotion Frame Rate of 120Hz.

I’m no expert on this so holler out if you have questions and I bet some wooters can fill you in.

Here is the Owners manual, Good for 47 and 55 TV’s

As always uploaded to google docs for easy viewing