LG V20 64GB (VZN/GSM)(S&D)

this phone is not listed on willmyphonework.net

any idea if it will work on freedompop?

Hey there,

Not sure about FreedomPop specifically, but you can check here to see which bands it supports in the US.

Will this work with Google fi?


If you click the link in my reply above, you can check which bands are supported in the US. I’m not sure how Google Fi works, but that should give you all the info you need.

you guys should post that link as well as the will my phone work…

looks like once again only Verizon has 100% compatibility, and anything else is 50%.

So, how does this work? We buy the phone and hope it works? What if it doesn’t? I’m looking at T-Mobile. I’m not sure how to read the info on Frequncy Check. Does it mean it’ll work half the time, depending on what band it’s on?

It will work on most GSM carriers. T-Mobile is GSM. You’ll need to set the APN setting to T-Mobile. You can google how to do that.

If it doesn’t work, you can return it within 30 days.

Maybe someone on here can help me out. I purchased this phone in the hopes that I would be able to transfer my MetroPCS service to it. When I bring the phone into the store and the SIM card is switched, I get an error that says the SIM card is not from Verizon, and I am unable to make calls. All the research I’ve done so far suggests that this is because my particular phone isn’t actually unlocked as advertised, but I was hoping there was some way I could rectify this/confirm it before being forced to return it. Any help anyone has would be great.

Did you change the APN settings to your network?

I have not yet. I’ll Google how to do so, per your previous comment, and see if that works.

For T-Mobile and Metro PCS you will need the LG V20 T-Mobile H918 phone. A Verizon phone doesn’t work on T-Mobile. Also the H918 has the T-Mobile Extended Range LTE band 12 (700MHZ).

I got the T-mobile version (cause I’m on T-mobile) and it’s awesome. T-mo just pushed the Oreo update last week. I doubt it’ll get P, but you’re still getting a ton of rare power-user features for cheap. How many flagships still have an IR blaster or removable battery?

This is a great phone. Fast, the tiny second screen is awesome, the DAC has amazing sound. SD card expansion, replaceable battery, etc.

I recommend them to anyone and everyone.

LG should never have stopped making it, it’s better than it’s replacements.

I ordered 2 of the US996 “GSM Unlocked” phones (one gray and one silver) but they sent me two identical color (both gray) T-mobile branded US918 phones which don’t support AT&T’s 700MHz LTE band.

Why offer the choice of model and color if you’re just gonna send whatever you happen to have available? The packing slip for one even says US996 Silver but that’s not what was in the box!

What a ripoff!!!

I got a refurb from Amazon @ $200 for T-Mobile that works great. Very nice phone. Replaced my Note 4 to get better coverage from the additional bands.

I’m very sorry for the problem. Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

Can someone confirm if the GSM unlocked US996 is the unlocked “US996 USA” version, or the US cellular “US996 UCL” version?

Listing should state used phones for sale. Refurbished is where damage is repaired, these say they have scratch and dent and are only tested.

Testing doesn’t make something refurbished, otherwise my toilet I’m using whilst writing this will be refurbished as soon as I successfully flush/test it…

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Hello, do you know if this phone will work in Europe - Romania? Or if they even have shipping to Romania? Thanks