Linksys EA7500-RM Max-Stream AC1900 MU-MIMO Gigabit + WiFi

Ordered last week. So far so good, but not compatible with dd-wrt.

I get about 100mbps on the 5g network.

Got mine today. Doesn’t even power up. Time to get it replaced, hooray!

Got mine yesterday, works great!

I want to know how many “ports” the router has. I run a computer bulletin board system (BBS) as a hobby, and Synchronet Software has more port options than my current LinkSys router has. I need ports for email, FTP, internet, ham radio applications, system backup applications, FIDONet Netmail Applications, and other things. I don’t want to lay out the money if the router doesn’t offer these additional ports. The LinkSys Router I have serves me well, but doesn’t provide enough “ports” to use.

From the specs:

Number of Ethernet Ports:
1x Gigabit WAN port
4x Gigabit LAN ports

It’s not the port devices on the outside of the router…it’s on the “inside”. Sort of like “port forwarding”. If it only has 5 total, and my current router has 10 total, then there’s no point of me going any further.

Oh, I don’t know then. It says up to 12 devices. I’d say a little googling is in order.

Received the router on July 5th and when setup, the 5G signal only gave me the speed of the 2.4GHz signal (20Mbps). I tried the 5G Guest signal and that worked with a stronger speed of over 200Mbps.

I contacted Woot on July 10th and requested a replacement. They said they would need to contact Mfg since the item was Sold OUT. It’s been several days and still cannot get an answer from Woot about the replacement although they have replied to my email requests.

They issued a return approval and sent me a prepaid shipping label. I returned and was issued a refund within 3 days of their receipt.

Very good experience with product that was defective.

Thank you.

I should have tried sending mine back to Woot. I tried setting it up in my spare time, then thinking I must be doing something wrong, had tech savvy friend try who also couldn’t, then spent HOURS with linksys tech support later just to find out it was defective. Then figuring it was too late to send back to Woot, spent over $30 to ship back to linksys for a replacement. Finally got a new one, I’m SOOOO EXCITED to see if this one works! (not) luckily my netgear N600 still works fine!