Linksys EA9500 AC5400 Max-Stream WiFi Router

FYI, I bought this thing last week and paid a ton more. Wish I’d known we were going to be selling it.

Anyway, this thing is a BEAST. Pay attention to the dimensions.

I upgraded from a 5yr old router and the difference is pretty amazing. I’m getting way better coverage throughout the house. Don’t need an extender any more.

Cnet gave it 3 1/2 stars … last May… and this price is WAY better than the list price then
PC Mag gave it a solid 4 stars and a rating of Excellent
None of which matters two whits, of course, once TT has given it the “full beast” rating …

and even she got the share the “wish I’d know a week ago … oh why, oh why, Woot do you tease me so” experience so many of us have had …
(holds out arms to offer TT a warm consoling hug)

and for $50 more, with free shipping, you could, buy it direct from Linksys
complete with “peace of mind” for no extra charge??? This is like Dr. PHil in a box!
… quoting their webpage


All Linksys Certified refurbished products are tested, upgraded to latest firmware, and certified by Linksys technicians. They also come with a 90-day warranty.

I like the fact that they finally incorporated 8 ethernet ports so I don’t have to hook up a separate switch to the router. I don’t really have a need (I have a nighthawk AC3200- which is decent), but I would have bought this over that just for the extra ports (not to mention the better hardware), especially at this price. I guess Father’s day is coming soon.

Does anyone know if these are hardware version 1 or 1.1? The earlier version is better.

“The Linksys EA9500 V1.1 is solely for complying with new FCC rule (transmission power level) effective in June 2016”

After reading this, it’s possible these units were refurbed to dial down the transmission power level to comply with the FCC rules- this is all speculative on my part though.

Looks like all of the Linksys being sold in this promotion are Linksys Certified refurbished. Picking one up today from WOOT!!

This isn’t the first time woot has sold it. You must have know it would be coming back. I got it a month or so ago from woot and have been very pleased.

Yes, it’s big and not wall mountable either. I had to install a little shelf for it.

Per the vendor, this is v1.

I wasn’t looking for a router when we last sold it. I needed a router last week or maybe this week. I did my research and purchased. :\

I picked one of these up from the last Linksys sale on Woot along with the AC adapter and an extender. The adapter and extender are great, the wireless router was DOA. Was stuck in a constant reboot loop, would stay up long enough to even web into the settings. Opened a case with Linksys and eventually, they told me to return it to the store I purchased it from for a replacement. Woot didn’t have any more in stock so got the refund…

OK- I bought one! Now basically I just have to find a way to switch out the Netgear AC3200, when my wife is not looking, and then hope she doesn’t notice. Kind of like when she gets new shoes- and she’s like- oh…I’ve had those. Happy Father’s day to me.

THIS! I was able to swap ours out with no interruption, but the new shelf I had to put on the wall for it was pretty obvious. I tried to convince her I got it in a bag of crap…
It was written-off as my birthday present to myself.