Logitech MM32 Speaker



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Logitech MM32 Speaker
$15.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Logitech 970218-0403 MM32 Speaker


I have a friend that wants one of these and his birthday is coming up. Will these work with ipod touch?



This site has the best mp3 accessories reviews for my money.


It says it works with anything with a 3.5mm jack


can anyone speak to the sound quality and loudness of these?


Yeah, they work with anything that has a headphone jack. Not just iPod.


Anyone know if this will charge an Ipod also.



Yes, it is.


my experience with little 4 speaker setups like these is they work very well far better than larger 2 speaker set ups. i would highly recommend these for dorm rooms, offices or just were ever you want some music without a bulky stereo.


Amazon.com reviews… seems to be pretty good, especially for the price.


Oops… forgot the link. Amazon link


No it will not charge the ipod
I wish it would


there not the loudest but you would be surprised they will even deliver some bass they will pretty much work for anything as long as your not trying to fill an entire office with music or work someplace exceptionally noisy


Yes, it works with your refurb Zune…



We have this one (or one very similar) at our beach cabin . . . It works pretty nicely. It’s not the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard, but it is well worth the money . . . especially at this price!

The sound does get a little distorted at high volumes and it has a tendency to rattle off the counter. Then again, we have a tendency to turn it up a little too loud!

Needless to say, I bought one for this price!


It doesn’t actually “dock” the iPod, so it can’t charge. You might be able to rig up a standard iPod charger though.


According to Logitech’s site it will recharge while you listen. It has a “pass through” that allows you to feed your cable through the bottom and up to the device. You’re right, not exactly a dock, but not a ton of cash either. =]