Malouf 100% Rayon from Bamboo Sheet Set

I’m a huge fan of bamboo based fabrics and these being 100% bamboo based, rather than a blend is a major plus.

but, even looking around on line, I can’t seem to find the thread count?
anyone got that?

are they the same as this?
at $98.99 prime for queen

better price, if you have Prime…
but still no thread count

and apparently some issues with needing to use some specific detergents when washing?

one must remember this is a rayon, and so has to be treated like that, not like heavy cotton or polyester.


As the seller of these bamboo sheets, we’re happy to give you some additional insight regarding this sheet set.

100% Rayon From Bamboo:
Bamboo, without being processed into a fiber can’t be made into fabric. That’s where the rayon comes in. Rayon literally means regenerated fiber, in this case made from bamboo.

Thread Count:
As a regenerated fiber, thread count is not usually advertised. Why? Because high thread counts are often mistaken for the mark of high quality. This isn’t always true. A higher thread count makes for a thicker, stiffer fabric, not necessarily a better fabric. You can still have a cheap, high thread count sheet.

Generally, fabrics like Bamboo and Tencel have a lower thread count, sometimes in the 200-300 range. To avoid confusion about quality, these high-end, low-thread-count sheets don’t mention the exact thread count.

The link you found on Amazon:
Those are the same sheets.

Here’s a couple last things you should know:

  • Malouf’s 5-year warranty is unmatched.
  • The hem was improved months ago to reduce wrinkles.
  • The simple care instructions aren’t overly burdensome compared to other brands.

Thanks for checking out this Woot deal. Let us know if we can do anything else for you!


Didn’t the FTC fine people for misleading advertising by calling rayon products “bamboo”. You do understand the processes that went into making rayon? You could’ve started with lawn clippings and ended up with the same thing. By the time a fiber is finally extruded, it is in no way even remotely related to the original source of cellulose. We have only your word it’s “100% bamboo”; it’s impossible to tell from the end product.

Also, people who think they’re being “environmental” (that is why people play the “made from bamboo” card) should do a little research on just how toxic rayon is to the creatures that eat it.

Absolutely,completely incorrect. TC is the number of threads per square inch. You literally cannot achieve high thread counts with larger threads.

But otherwise, yes, TC is not a measure of quality. In fact, the smaller threads of higher counts can make for very crappy fabrics.

Since we’re talking about an extruded fiber yarn, the measure to quote is denier.


Thank you for your questions. Know that we’re committed to providing excellent customer service and we’re happy to answer your questions.

FTC Claim:
As the seller of this product, we don’t manage the title of products. However, we work closely with Malouf, the manufacturer. We have verified that this product is fully compliant with all FTC regulations.

Additionally, we have legal verification showing the advertised claim of 100% rayon from bamboo is true. No grass clippings, or any other plant based fiber, were used to make these sheets. For additional info, just send a request to us directly at:

Thread Count:
As stated previously, a higher thread count makes for a thicker, stiffer fabric. Notice we said fabric, not thread. Smaller, more concentrated threads is the only way to achieve a higher thread count. This in turn creates a tighter weave, and a thicker, stiffer fabric. No mention of larger-sized threads was made in our previous comment. We do apologize for any confusion in this regard.

The sheets featured in this deal have a lower thread count by design. This is to achieve a softer, more pliable feeling fabric.

You are correct that Denier is a unit of measurement for rayon, among other fabrics. As it is not commonly used to communicate quality in a consumer setting, we follow industry trends by omitting this possibly confusing information. Again, we’re happy to provide you with additional information to help you make an informed purchasing decision. Just email us at: