Mark of Fitness Wrist-Mounted Blood Pressure Monitor

im not too healthy , might be a good idea

Hrmm…not the deal for me…decent price tho.

sorry i missed a few days. partying and such… i have my version of useful links …

BizRate Link… lowest is $37

Shopzilla Link… lowest $22

Nextag Link… lowest $32

and for fun… here’s BizRate’s Ab Lounger listings from the quite comprehensive Fitness Equipment department. Get in shape please. Your heart will thank me.

I already have one and it is a good monitor at a good price!

Ah, Arthur Conan Doyle’s B-day. LOL

I should buy one just for that great description.

I love this so much, it makes my heart skip a beat.

A blood pressure monitor? Not everyone here is over 70, you know. Bring on the crap.

SecretPrices has it at $59.99

PriceGrabberat $62.99 (for the wrist model)

I bought three of these the first time I saw them… Works great and made two GREAT gifts that were very well received.

come on woot…

what are you trying to do, make us stay healthy?

srry, but not for me


I was getting a slow response from the server. My blood pressure began to rise. Could it be the night for… a blood pressure monitor!@??? Not what I was hoping for.

Bring on the Bog of Carp!

Does Anyone Know anything about this brand?

I have one of these from a previous woot purchase. It works great and has 2 memory functions to record the measurements over time. It even show the average. It is very easy to use. I took it to my doctor to calibrate and it was extremely close to the doctor’s pressure machine. I highly recommend it!

Beyond the usual comments of “I got one” (congrats I guess), or “this sucks” (thanks for sharing) does anyone who has one have an opinion?

Thanks for those that contributed personal experiences. I decided to pass because the opinions varied and I am not sold on these things anyway. hearing positive and negative helped me to decide.

Scary personals

What’s up with the Woot server?

Server Error

Lame. Come on Woot, I stayed up for this. How many people who stay up past midnight to see if a cool new gadget is cheap actually exercise?

either it’s selling out quick or the I want one is thumping!!