Brings back happy childhood memories. :slight_smile: Melt away.

Congrats and great job, Radscoolian! This is much-deserved!

Serendipity! Made me laugh out loud.


Aww, the flying monkeys even have a W on their helmets. Is it for “Wicked,” “Witch,” “West,” or Woot?!

I miss the flying Woot monkeys.

Who did the winged monkeys defeat to cause the celebration? Did Dorothy finally get what she deserved?

This is one for the t-shirt design playbook. Every aspect complements the clever idea, right down to the title wordplay. A well deserved print, Radscoolian.

Yay, congratulations! Really glad to see this take first place. So well-deserved. -:]

You guys are making me blush. Thanks for the votes and kind words!

Kansas City

Hope this one sells a ton… it’s so well done. Great shirt!

So good! I echo everything PixelPants said (as a general rule). :^)


Bravo! I would pour a bucket of Gatorade on you but, well, you know…

I have been in Wizard of Oz heaven on woot for the last few weeks!! This is fantastic!

Flawless Victory.

Love this design man- You dropped a house on the derby.

True, but to get through the playoffs, they had to defeat the Lions, Tigers and Bears.

Hilarious and true oakenspirit.

That’s what you get for Not being a Friend of Dorothy!