meross Smart Garage Door Opener Remote

meross Smart Garage Door Opener Remote

Such a deal… When the Mothership carries the same exact identical product under the Refoss name for the same price ($45 - $10 instant rebate).

Oh yeah and by the way, good product, works great. Been using it for over a year without the slightest problem.

Does it use the Tuya app?

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Wrong one. We’re selling the one that works with HomeKit:
$49.99 + $5 coupon

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It’s a different model. Both are sold by the same 3rd party seller on Amazon at different prices. Pictures do not match.

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No, it uses the Meross App and/or Homekit.

You’ll need the Meross app for firmware updates.

Great catch and thank you.

Description says SmartThings but it’s not in the features list. Is it SmartThings supported?

Meross Smart Garage Door Opener Remote Control - MSG100

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My opener has a purple learning button. Will Woot include the needed accessory for my opener?

I know, that’s not what I asked. Those who have a purple or yellow learning button require extra sensor for the opener. I asked if it was included.

Since the “contents of the box” indicate a sensor is included, I think your sensor is there.

I have this exact garage door opener and it is FANTASTIC. Works very well with Alexa and Homekit. It’s actually pretty surprising how far it will connect over Wi-Fi and has never given me a problem.

Instructions were very clear and easy to hook up to my garage opener. Once hooked up, your regular button and remotes for your cars will still work just fine.

Seriously, if you’ve ever wanted one - this is it.

Edit: Make sure you have an available power outlet on your garage ceiling to provide power to it. Happy deal hunting

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Aaaaand today it’s on daily deal at Newegg for… drumroll… $30. I think you should refund $5 to all the people who overpaid.
Same product btw, Meross, Homekit.

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Yep, likely so. We don’t price comp to other brands though.


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If you have a Chamberlain you should probably get their myQ gateway it will be more compatible and easier to install. Roughly the same price.