Mestige Jewelry: Swarovski, See?

Bought three of these a month or so ago for the gf. After less than 6 weeks of wearing, the finish was tarnished.

Thanks for the feedback! I was just about to ask if anyone bought this the last time it was on this site. Bummer it’s already tarnished.

I bought a pair of the perfect cut square studs elsewhere and within a couple days the finish had worn off and the metal underneath the finish is very poor and caused my ears to act up and get get all nasty. i would say stay away from this junk. not to mention they are not very clear at all and just look very fake and like super cheap costume jewelry

I got the eclipse earrings last time and they still look brand new after probably 10 wearings. Always get compliments on them.

It’s 57 cm = 22 inches long. How are you suppposed to wrap that around your neck a few times?

“The long chain can be wrapped a few times allowing for a layered necklace or left long for a simple yet stunning look.”

“Rhodium color plated brass”? Yeesh!

I bought the Eclipse earrings a couple of months ago through another online source. They are huge, which makes them look pretty cheap. Can’t believe the ‘regular’ price on these is something over $80. They are not crystals. I think they probably just have Swarovski dust particles mixed in the paste, which is why they label them as containing Swarovski ‘elements’.

I bought a Swarovski necklace the last time Woot had some of there stuff on here. I love it and always get complimented on it. I haven’t had any issues with the quality.

I was going to buy one of these but noticed the negative reviews. For the people who have had issues with the finish wearing off: was it Swarovski products in general or is there something different with the quality of this specific collection?

hello, wootiverse.

our vendor wanted to pass along some info. they mainly want you to know that they like happy customers, and if you’re not satisfied with the product, they will happily send a replacement at no charge.

a couple of other things:
-the vendor says plating can fade for a number of reasons. showering with the product, hair spray, perfumes, and other elements can react with plating elements & cause fading.

-the vendor says the posts on the earrings are surgical stainless steel. everybody’s skin is different & can react to any alloys (including pure gold). the vendor is right about this. once i saw a movie about a lady who was allergic to sunlight!

hopefully this helps. the most important thing to know is that the vendor wants you to be satisfied - and, heck, we want you to be happy, too. if you ever need assistance, fire off an email to and we’ll help get things sorted.

this is the third time I have written. When the crystal earrings arrived, the posts were broken off. I get a response that says Woot is on it and I will hear back, but then nothing. Please refund the price of the earrings asap. Three times? Really?

Yikes. Sorry for the problems. Make sure you check your email spam/junk for a response. If you’re using an email address different than the one on your account, make sure to include your woot user name and order number so they can match you up.