Swarovski Elements Jewelry Collections

How big are the Sterling Silver hoops that have the 10mm crystal balls on them? It’s not listed in the specs for the Amethyst ones.

All the hoops are 35mm. Hope that helps!

Anyone know how close woot is to the true worth of some of this jewelry?

Since these are fake Swarovski (made in China, really!) they are probably just glass, and therefore worthless.

Thanks! I was already puzzled at the price but once I scrolled through the pictures, I knew they couldn’t be real Swarovski crystals. I have some cheap costume jewelry that looks better.

If that is the case, that they are just glass, then that would really suck since it doesn’t not say that anywhere on the page. Googling Swarovski Elements found me this:

“Swarovski is one of the world’s largest crystal suppliers to jewelry manufacturers as well as to the clothing and lighting industries. Third party manufacturers mark these products by attaching the ingredient branding label “MADE WITH SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS”, or by describing them as “made with Swarovski crystals”, or as “Crystallized ™”. However, these manufacturers may not refer to their products as Swarovski products. Furthermore, these products are not sold by Swarovski and do not necessarily meet its quality standards or qualify for its warranty conditions.”

I wish I would have known this before I bought the ring, but for $15, I can’t really complain. If it is carp or really nice, I will update this post when it arrives.

why hasn’t my purchase from 7 days ago shipped yet?

These are horrible. I just got mine and they are awful, I got a cross that it is bent, it has glue all around, awful. I am planing to return mine. Really awful, cheap and ugly…

Ordered two Crystal Hearts on 12/4 and still have not received them. Also ordered a ring and earrings and they are awful. Cheap and light. Was intending them to be a Christmas gift but no way can I do that. Really it’s false advertising and I’m already over Woot.

I apologize for your experience so far- if you haven’t already, please use the support tab above to contact our CS team- they should at the very least be able to help locate your missing item.

What a total rip-off Woot! You guys have let me down, this is fake crap, absolute junk. On Swarovski’s page it states the following:

Certificate of Authenticity
Swarovski Seal Products embellished with Swarovski crystals may be recognized by the Swarovski seal. We provide our seal to official partners, who embellish their products with our crystals and fulfill strict criteria.
The Swarovski seal comprises the latest security features. Apart from its hologram effect, every seal hang tag and sticker has a unique 16 digit code that can be found directly below the seal on the front of the tag or sticker. To check the authenticity of the Swarovski seal tag or sticker, you can verify the tracking number here. Please insert the code:”

I did not get a seal, I did not get Swarovski, I got something that looks like it was made by a 5th grader!

I’ve scored some amazing deals on some really good stuff on Woot, but not this time! I’d like to echo what others have said. I ordered the cross necklace. Four of the fake stones fell out of the settings as I removed it from the swanky ziplock bag it came in. The quality was crap. It honestly looked like a craft project.

Yep…these were so shoddily made and worthless and really just wasted a bunch of time for many…as I ordered 2 pair of earrings and one arrived busted (I got a refund for that right away), and the other I gave as a gift but when they opened the package, they came apart. I now get a response from Woot that it is past the 21 days that they say on their site for a refund so they will not give a refund…Even though its been only 17 days since I received them (on Dec. 13th). Then,on the sales page http://www.woot.com/offers/sterling-silver-swarovski-elements-teardrop-earrings it says it has a 90 day warranty??

I’m very sorry about that, I’ll check back in with CS on your order.

Not sure about the rest of you, but I wrote Woot support and haven’t heard a thing back from them - there is a 90 day warranty for these products so where is my refund Woot?

Hi Zamann. I looked at your order and it shows you were refunded on 12/18. It should be showing up in your bank records by now.

Be sure to check your spam/junk folders for an email from CS.