Micro Innovations 4-Port USB Hub

Wow welcome to 2005…

On a side note this would be great to buy 3 and create one heck of a spectacle by plugging in 10 sets of Woot lights

buy 3 13.97 for 3 is a great buy

this would actually be very useful to have…

I am confused as to the benefit of a ‘micro’ adapter when there is a power brick 4x the size of the usb adapter.

What OS is


Will this work without the AC adapter? That bulky thing contradicts “micro innovations”.

is the left port gonna be shipped crooked like in the picture?

Alatest gives this one the poorest reviews I’ve ever seen on any wooted product.

Actually, powered hubs are great for recharging…a number of my sansas at the same time. (and my wife’s ipod…)

Are you trolling? 0/10

Xp or Mac derp derp :confused:

Retails for about $11

Problem with a hub, of course, is that it has no filtering intelligence. Meaning it’s going to be sending all input/data over one USB line into your computer, which will result in slower response times.


I would be all over this if it didn’t need the “powerstrip real estate stealing” power brick…

USB will never catch on… just sayin…

In for 2 and used my 5 dollar coupon

AC adapter and usb cable x 3 plus 3 four port usb hub for less than $14!

Just needed 1 with my $5 off coupon.

Thanks Woot! Less than $3? I’m loving it.

Hopefully not…

That’s not what they said. derp derp
Spac in g isver y impor t a n t.