Microsoft Surface Pro 3 12" Tablets

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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 12" Tablets
Price: $449.99 - 559.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard (Free with Prime)
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Thursday, Aug 23 to Friday, Aug 24) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Woot, please confirm that the type cover is included as stated in the specs:

Surface Pen (included)
Type Cover 3 (included)


If both are included, a decent deal for the 8GB model.

under features:

“Offering unmatched versatility, you can go from tablet to laptop in a snap with the multi-position Kickstand and Surface Pro 3 Type Cover (not included).”

The description says that the cover is not included and the pen is a 3rd party “Surface compatible” pen.

The “Features” tab says the cover is not included.

The “Specs” tab says it IS included;
“Type Cover 3 (included)”

“In the Box” does not mention the cover.

Now what? I guess I will order one and if there isn’t a cover, back it goes. Also, seems the pen and power supply are sourced from a third party, wonder what that is about.

A refurb with 3rd party pen and power supply?? I would like to get a Surface Pro - but is saving a few bucks here worth it??

I’ve had two of these, and, for the most part, have been very satisfied. The only issue I’ve had is the SD cart slot doesn’t seem to hold the card tightly enough. I need to pull it out a bit and push it back in to get it to read sometimes. I also have a 3rd party charger (Nozza), works fine.

If I don’t like this can I return it?

I can’t comment with this specific product, but I wanted to share something when purchasing a refurbished laptop as I was burned on my last one from woot.

Where the computer itself may work fine (and what was broken before was fixed), it doesn’t mean that the battery was replaced. So you may be getting a battery that is already up to 4 years old (Surface Pro 3 was released in June 2014).

After about 3 months of owning the last refurbished laptop I bought, the battery would barely hold a charge. And to boot, the battery isn’t easily replaceable unless you rip the computer apart as they are sealed for the sake of a compact design. Just something to keep in mind and why I will only buy items with internal batteries as new.

If the Type Cover and first party Pen are not included, I’d rather just get the high end Surface Go that came out recently.

8GB ram, though less HDD space it still has a microSD card, a recent processor instead of the 4 year old one the SP3 has, and just about the same price.

PC World also says that the Go is about a third more powerful than the i5 SP3, I assume they did the benchmarks/math/documentation/etc.

Hi all. Cover is NOT included. The conflicting info has been corrected.

Good morning!

Eh, this is not a good price for what you’re getting.

I got a Surface Pro 4 (i5, 4gb RAM) from Costco almost two years ago with Touch Cover and Pen for $649 (listing was $799 and there were two stackable coupons for $100 and $50).

Microcenter has the newest version w/i5 8gb RAM and 128gb SSD for $700. Includes touch cover, but not pen.

Wish they would offer the LTE version…that would be worth it!

I own a SP3 and use it often on a daily basis. Just a few words of wisdom from someone who knows:

  • The SP3 has had known problems with the touchscreen where it would stop responding after a system update back a few years ago. If not already done (and most likely it has been) there is a software fix to this from the maker of the screen.

  • There is also a known issue with the OEM Surface Pen (1st gen) becoming unresponsive. There is a software fix here also (disabling then re-enabling the display adapter driver in Device Manager) then rebooting.

  • Aftermarket pens for the SP3 are actually not bad. They offer 3-6x the pressure levels for the tip, have the same two side buttons, but rarely have the button on the end (no big deal for me). I have both and Gen 1 OEM pen and an aftermarket one and I could easily live with either.

  • My OEM charger died and I replaced it with an aftermarket unit. Aside from not having the USB charging port built into the power pack, the aftermarket one works just fine. Just make sure you get one with the same power specs (36 watts, 2.58 amps) and you will be fine.

  • I have an oddball unit (i7, 8GB RAM but only 128GB storage) that was discontinued very early from the line-up. So far I have had zero hardware failures and only correctable software problems. I really can’t see getting a newer unit at any of the currently outrageous retail prices because my SP3 still works wonderfully. My only advice is to stick with at least 8GB RAM.

This. I have one that will not take a charge whatsoever. I have all of the accessories sitting there - but the risk of getting another unit with a bad or soon to be bad battery at this price gives me pause.

A third party power supply isn’t that bad. I purchased one for my Surface 3 when my boss couldn’t find the original power supply. I purchased it for $10 from Amazon and it looks and functions exactly like the original! That was over a year ago!

It makes it seem like the keyboard comes with from images… but it would DEFFINATELY BE UNDER KEY FEATURES/SPECS…

IT WOULD BE A HUGE selling point. Damn caps lock…

I got a surface from AT&T… the touch screen is not made to last…

I would never recommend a product made by microsoft. Just based on my own screen breaking beginning with a invisible to the naked eye crack when purchased NEW! THAT SPREAD ALL ACROSS MY SCREEN ***WITH CASE AND SCREEN PROTECTOR!!!


I like the way it looks and the tabs memory is great and everything loads FAST…

BUT… based on my experience with microsoft’s customer service…

… I can not in good conscience recommend anyone purchase a surface… they have so many problems…

I mean, your buying a refurbished model that was broken and sent in to manufacturer.

Your buying a product that already had a fatal error. Before I would purchase this refurbished it or if somebody did this in their basement. I said this once before but I did buy a computer that was refurbished there was a Mac the only thing that the person did who posted it and it was literally the only One of that model. I jumped on it when woot released their new products at midnight Eastern time. The mac looked like “somebody danced on it” despite the mac crashed exactly after 10 minutes from desktop opening.

“No sir… I dont like it” - horse from “Ren and Stimpy”

whatever happened to the $100 laptop?