Microsoft USB Wireless Mouse and Keyboard


damn, I am using this one right now, bought at Wal-mart at 65$. Very decent, batteries last longer than a month(I simply never turn off my computer), or maybe 2months I guess. Very great product! I wish I could return the one i’m using and buy it again here, but return period is long long gone :frowning:


Not bad; I had one though, and ended up returning it for a REAL ergonomic keyboard (MSFT Comfort Curve)…this one beats most keyboards - but isn’t truly ergonomic.


Eh, I thought. Why the hell not. I was actually thinking I needed one last night, while watching the woot off…

OMG! And it made me a blackie! =)


Nice to see that this one may be a deal (probably a great deal cheaper though because it’s refurb’d) but I’ll have to see about this set.


Anyone know the range of the radio? How far across the room can I get? Would be good for home and great for presentations at work.


real men do business presentations with Xbox 360 controllers :smiley:


Paid twice this years ago for this keyboard/mouse. Great setup but HORRIBLE for gaming!!! If you hold a key down (to run for example) it ignores the keystroke to conserve battery power. Not bluetooth so the range is pretty short…maybe 10 ft. at best. Decent for a media center, battery life is acceptable.


Anybody know if this will work with a PS3?

I’ve been wanting to mess around with installing Linux on it, and I need a USB keyboard and mouse to do it.

This in particular seems to suggest that it might not work:

“System Requirements:
* Requires a PC that meets the requirements for and has installed one of these operating systems: Windows Vista®, Windows XP Pro/Pro x64 Edition/Home/Media Center Edition/Tablet PC Edition, Windows 2000 SP4 or higher”

P.S. Another quick semi-related question: for those of you that own a Microsoft Comfort Curve 2000, how long is the cord?


from my own experience, keyboard goes as far as 15 feet. mouse goes little bit more, about 20feet.


That’s pretty good battery life.


This item… BRAND NEW at the newegg (.com):

$24.99 + $7.92 shipping

Shame woot, shame! Just cuz you send out some bags we have to put up with this ripoff?? I remember when WOOT use to mean something!


Seems ok for gaming to me. I’ve been using this setup for playing WoW 4-10 hours a day for the past year or so (yeah I know), works fine. Recommend.


I’m using this set to type this message.
I use these to play a lot of FPS and RTS games like Battlefield 2 and CnC 3, it kicks ass. I would buy it in a heartbeat if I didn’t already have it.

Amazing deal.


NewEgg link = white box and OEM = not new.


OK, to answer my own question…I didn’t find out if this particular keyboard/mouse will work, but I did find a Logitech set for $2 more that works with PS3/Linux according to one person:

Plus it has gotten better reviews on Amazon than the Microsoft one.


ive had this keyboard/mouse for a year+ now and its served me well, stopped using the mouse after about 2 or 3 months for a razer 1.6 i picked up on here, but the keyboard is still going strong. I think i picked it up for 40bucks on sale at staples at the time


I think most of you missed the “Laser 4000” when searching for price comparison.

Newegg has it for:
Original Price: $74.99
You Save: $25.00
3 Business Day Shipping $9.01
Original Price: $49.99
You Save: $15.00
3 Business Day Shipping $7.59
Your Price:$34.99


Shit if anyones interested i have 4 of these brand new in box i’ll sell.

I’ll sell all 4 for $80 + $5 shipping or 1 for $15 + $5 shipping


I see the difference in names but looking at the one you list compared to the model I found in my post above, all that looks different is two extra buttons on the mouse… do you see anything I dont? I agree that the one you found is probably this exact one but the other one has two less (and probably never used) buttons on the mouse for like 30% less $$. Are two extra buttons on the mouse worth it? The location of the buttons looks terrible too, like you would always be accidentally hitting them.