Mighty Max All-Purpose Cart

Lot’s of comments from when this was offered in June

Check out these happy Amazon Buyers

Check out this review from DadDoesBlog [youtube=LkTQfHYvL1o][/youtube]

A couple more great reviews from Sears

Very well thought out utility cart! Converts easily for different jobs, easy storage, does not rust (I love that), traveling tool rack, huge weight capacity and best of all…a lifetime warranty. I can quickly think of a hundred ways this cart can make life a lot easier. Now to order one.

I bought this a few years ago from woot. I was a heavy gardener in ND, grew root veggies, added beds, man I used this sucker a LOT. I carried heavy loads, easy converts to a flat bed to hauls oil, or other large items.
I passed it onto my neighbor when we moved back to AZ.
it’s worth the purchase.

staff - in the build your own version part of this sale, if you buy two or more carts, the hitch is included. I do not see that in that main “mighty max all-purpose cart” page. If I buy two, will I get the hitch included? If I do, I will.

Looks and sounds ok, but not convinced. Check out the gorrilla cart. Looks good and can’t beat the price.


The gorilla cart looks good for what it is, but you don’t get the option to remove the bucket and have an extendable flat bed surface for hauling boxes and stuff around. Plus it is metal and can rust. I do like the size of the gorilla carts bucket though.

If I wasn’t trying to be frugal for a while, I’d be all over this flexible-functioned beauty. For now I’ll have to stick with my Asswagon™ which is running us about three comical backflips per month.


Some of those Gorilla Cart reviews are pretty harsh - flimsy, lower load capacity than stated, strong smell. The wheels get a lot of praise, though - I see an Amazon review for the Mighty M that says it’s not so great in loose sand…

It says it in the Bonus part
“Bonus Special: Hitch’em up. Of course, we want you to be able to hitch together two or more carts and we will provide you with a hitch at no cost for each additional cart you purchase!”

Yes, You get a FREE Hitching Unit when you buy 2 or more Mighty Max Cart=s! Thanks!

is it me but do the wheels look incredibly week and cheap. looks like the first to break on this thing. When I think a rugget cart I think of ones with wheelbarrow type wheels. This thing looks like it would be hard to push over a 2 inch bump?

This thing is way more than a gardening cart. It can carry a LOT of weight like it says and it pulls pretty easily. I used it at the beach a few weeks ago to carry all the chairs and umbrellas etc down to the beach. But my toddler enjoyed pulling me around on it (not in the sand of course). I’ve also used it like a flat dolly to move appliances around. I’ve been very happy since I got it in the last sale.

Thanks for the inquiry! Our wheels are rated at 1000 pounds each, and come with LifeTime Warranty! No bearings to wear out, will never go flat or rust! Wide 8" H x 4" W footprint, with rubber tires, will never wear out! Quiet smooth ride and will not mar Floors! All Made 100% in USA!

How do you find previous comments on a product? Rethinking the Blade Runner drywall cutter on sellout but would like to review the comments from the first time around but can’t seem to find them.

I have this ‘‘gorilla’’ cart you gave the link to and love it. Got mine on sale at Lowes or Home Depot. The dump feature on it works better then on the Mighty Max because unlike the 90 degree back wall the Might Max has, the Gorilla has more like a 45 degree back wall that makes dumping things like dirt a lot easier.

FYI…the close-up of the tire on the Amazon site is NOT the tire that come on the Gorilla cart ?!? The close-up tire is wider,square edges and the wheel has 5 lugs/bolts where as the cart’s actual tire is narrower,rounded edges and has only 4 lugs/bolts.

ps my Gorilla cart came with the ‘‘2-in-1 convertible handle can easily be pulled by hand or behind a lawn tractor or ATV’’ the same as the Mighty Max cart but it seems they have stopped putting it on this Gorilla cart model…you have to go up to the bigger more expensive model like this one

The unique thing about the Mighty Max Cart is that it is a dump cart, wheel barrow, expandable flatbed cart, double stack cart, furniture dolly, beach cart, moving cart, fishing cart, and light weight portable cart for just about every job, ALL IN ONE CART! No one else offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty because they cannot! All of our competitor’s carts have bearings that wear out, metal that rusts, paint peals off and tires that go flat!