Mighty Max Cart

Let’s learn about mighty max products and their limited lifetime warranty over at mightymaxcart.com

A handful of solid reviews (4.0 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Take a look at it in action

I have a 225 lb. gas generator without a wheel kit that will go very nicely with this cart. Just load it on the cart when you need it or leave the generator in the garage when it’s not needed and use the cart for something else. It’s better than buying a wheel kit for the generator for about the same price and get double or triple duty out of the cart.

One observation: Your description and specs say that the tub is 8.25" wide, which is wrong. It’s 18.25" wide.

I’m so buying this.

Thanks for spotting the mistake!
Yeah, I checked out the product site and found this:


Specs should be changed. Thanks! :smiley:

I bought two of these at one of the offerings a few years ago. Kept one and gave one to my brother and his wife. I have really enjoyed using my cart and it is still in almost perfect condition. I do recommend it.

Seems like a lot of money for a bunch of plastic.

Looked like a simple little cart, did a little research and found out it can haul loads up to 600 lbs! I can think of so many uses for this, moving, yard work, carrying stuff around outside and indoors. Bought one!

Shoulda just read the description.

Seems the wheels are not as solid as metal. Air filled tire would absorb bumps better. A full metal cart is heavier, however, it can be repaired and customized more easily if needed (welding, bolt on stuff). If the plastic breaks you would have a very hard time repairing it to its original capacity. Metal cart could be welded back to new or bent back. I do like the rust resistance and the light weight. May be perfect for light home use.

Yeah, but it’s a bunch of plastic arranged in a useful way. What one pays for here, as in art, is not so much the material as the ingenious idea that brought it together in a useful or pleasing form, the testing, the production, and the marketing that brought it to this final stage.

am I understanding right that you just get the black wheeled base for the ‘expandable cart’ price and in order to get the green carrier part you need to order the one w/accessories?

edit: figured it out :slight_smile:

I bought one of these for moving stuff around our large basement. My wife immediately took it from me and has been using it in our garden for weeks now. Yes, the wheels are plastic but they are so wide and large, it doesn’t get stuck like metal wheels or airfilled wheels would. And they don’t loose air.

I am considering buying another one from this offer.

When you find an all-metal cart that’s similarly expandable for 79 bucks, please be sure to let us all know…

Manufacturer here! We do offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all our carts. The reason we did not make our carts out of metal is simple! Metal Carts bend, rust, paint flakes off, bearings go bad, they are very heavy and not portable, and pneumatic tires go flat!

How about $5 more (after shipping) and is more than just a flatbed cart?

Bought a few years ago. We pack it into our SUV for beach trips. It works really well in sand (not great in the dune, but good on packed beach sand). I lay a couple of beach chairs in the lower space and hold them in with the green bucket which we use to carry a pop-up canopy, cooler, and toys. It’s easy to clean and then sits in my garage the rest of the year.

Made in China verses Made in the Good Old USA? Take a picture of any metal cart after 1 year of use. Pretty Sad! Plastic resins are much more expensive than iron… ergo Lifetime Warranty!