Mirage Home Theater Speakers

you are right

need the center channel and sub to complete my system. any chance they will be offered?

no spec on how many watts? I wanted to hook my 1000 watt battery operated boombox to these.

Also, is this price for one or a pair?

From the spec sheet:

In the box:

(1) Mirage OMD-5 Bookshelf Speaker

Woot will soon be selling (1) scissor, (1) headphone, and (1) pant.

I have been looking for the OMD C-1 center speaker since I bought the OMD 15s, and it seems no one is carrying it. The only thing I found was on Amazon but out of stock. Hope Woot wake up and woot the C-1, C-2, and subs…

Hey WootBot, any chance you are wooting the centers and subs?

I have Mirage and they are best speakers out there if you want a true theater experience.

What do we use if we want a better experience?

Where did all the comments from a few days ago get off too? There was someone on here who claimed to be an “official Mirage rep” who claimed they were going to make special runs of different Mirage OMD speakers.

They’re here. That was another thread/sale.

Am i thinking correct. This price is for one speaker and not a pair.

Correct. Singles.

Can these be used outdoors? It seems like the water fountain thing shoots the sound like a radar upward, requiring a ceiling for the sound to rain back down.

Or mount them upside down casting the sound down towards ya. Works quite well


Thanks. Woot is so disorganized. It’s impossible to find anything.

They have no waterproofing and the finish and drivers would not hold up if they were exposed to sun and rain. You could possibly have them on a porch if it was roofed over but I would buy something made for outdoor use.

Can someone please recommend a ceiling mount for the OMD-5’s that will utilize the pre existing threaded hole?

I can’t find anything with good reviews that will support the weight or some of the other ones you have to drill your own holes. That isn’t even an option for consideration.

So according to Crutchfield, they come with the following:

Gloss black bookshelf speaker
Detachable black cloth grille
9mm Bolt
Plastic wall bracket
2 Adhesive rubber spacers
4 Small adhesive rubber bumpers
Polishing cloth
Mirage logo sticker
Owner’s Manual

Can someone here confirm the mount comes with this? Someone from the last buy?

I’ll quote myself but upon further reading this is what it is “supposed” to include:

Mounting Options: The speaker can be wall mounted using the supplied plastic wall bracket. The wall bracket is attached to the speaker using the supplied 9mm bolt. The screws needed to hang the bracket from the wall are not provided. The speakers also have a flat base so they can be placed on stands or a shelf. The footprint of the speaker measures 6.5625" wide x 7.4375" deep.

I want to pick some up but like the op was hoping for a confirmation first.