Mitsubishi PlasmaPure Air Purifier



Mitsubishi PlasmaPure Air Purifier
$59.99+ $5 shipping
1 Mitsubishi MA-EF503HS-U PlasmaPure Air Purifier


How often do you need to replace the filter? Plus, how much does that cost?


My Room mate had one of these. It didn’t do anything, it made no difference whatsoever. The filter unit was always clean, so how could it be cleaning the air. I would not recommend.


You guys didn’t sell out yesterday’s, sell this one out, price grabber, amazon and froogle like it! Looks like it’s about 33.333333% the price it should be or 66.6% off!

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Anyone know how well this would work on pet dander and odors?


edit: explains the 160CADR rating in the product description

explained here


This one has potential. My house is ungodly dusty.

I don’t think it’ll sell out quickly, though, so I’ll probably do my research in the morning…



Mitsubishi ? not even if it included a car from them.


If it is noisy, hopefully the suckers bought an RCA Home Theatre system yesterday!


I don’t think there is an air purifier in existence that can remove the stench from this dorm room. Pass. >_<


decent price though

$150 here


can i put this in my car?


this one definitely has potential… … still got useful linkage w/ comparison links though… i know what you’re thinking… this one’s nice right?.. i know the feeling… pure air is good air… momma always said.


I was just researching this kind of thing to see if they work. I’m getting an overwhelming sense of “no”


This might just be propaganda but here is a good link


Most of these type of things don’t work at all. Don’t get your hopes up…


Where is the description in what’s in the box?


No thanks. If it was a humidifier, I would have considered it.


My wife hates to dust but then again who doesn’t. Will this thing really help to cut down on the amount of dusting? or will it just cut down on the amount of dusting you will have to do in that room and that room only.