Monster Cable Diesel In-Ear Headphones

Alright, audiophiles! Weigh in! I need you guys!

Okay, here it is: There are probably much better headphones out there in this price range. If you’re looking for flashy headphones to show off while you drown out the subway, these are probably wonderful. As far as the listening experience goes, the quality is more dubious. There are no stats available for impedance, driver size, THD, or range. I’ll pass, there are other brands that are less hit and miss. On the bright side, this is pretty inexpensive compared against the (albeit ridiculous) price walmart has listed:

there are reviews there too.

I’m on the other side of the fence compared to dtroy15’s response. Doesn’t seem that he has any personal experience with this product. His Walmart link only has 1 review, Amazon & YouTube have more.

Bought a set of these earbuds last time they were available on Woot! Liked mine well enough to buy 2 more sets for wife & sister. I am a piano tuner-technician, keyboard musician, and head sound tech at our church, so am rather picky as to sound quality. I wouldn’t call myself an audiophile in the mega/ultra/fanatic/$$$$ sense of music reproduction equipment purchasing.

After breaking these earbuds in for over 10 hours of ocean surf pink noise, I find the sound is nicely balanced for bass, mids, and highs, with no noticeable hyping, distortion, or lack of any frequency band. Very nice crisp transients and clear timbre detailing.

The triangular cable does untangle rather easily, though knots can of course be formed if one lazily wads it. Having a choice of different sizes & styles of rubber eartips helps with getting the perfect fit. The carrying case holds the earbuds and wires nicely if one coils the wires around a couple fingers, with an inside pocket for a microfiber cleaning cloth, and the magnetic closure works well.

Better quality buds for the MSRP are possibly out there. Better quality buds for Woot’s price? Not bloody likely.

You’re right, I was basing my comment on ideas formed with other products from the brand, which if we’re honest… can be misleading. Monster has a reputation among those audiophiles you talked about for having a few diamonds in the rough (IE the turbine series) but largely hyped up fashion accessories. Again, your judgement is better than my guess, but these buds are up against stiff competition from:

Ultimate Ears: (Balanced armature drivers at THIS price point!?




The Klipsch’s are really the elephant in the room here. I own these and they get rotated through with Grados and other buds well past their price point. This is the gold standard in this range.

He is not a right supplier, I used the two weeks before it broke, do not give warranty, shall not be the right suppliers.

I am sorry you are having problems getting them fixed. Monster should fix them with the warranty.

If Monster is not fixing them, please email Tell them what happened with Monster. They may be able to help.

I bought these a few months back and while the sound is nice compared to my old 15 dollar pair I cant get them to stay in my freaking ear (while working out or just moving in general). And they do literally come with 7 different sets of buds and none of them work for me. Very frustrating and I’ve never had that issue before even with sets that come with only a couple of options…

You NAILED it. The sound is very nice but getting them to stay put is another story! Very frustrating. Pretty much a deal breaker.

Uhh…of course they wouldn’t sit in your ears. I don’t think they’re meant to be used for high-movement exercises…even if they are advertise as such, they certainly are not ideal.

In reflecting back, I realize I probably looked dumb for using these kinds of headphones during a work out, running, basketball, etc. The reason why? Because I had to keep putting them back in my ears every minute! :frowning:

You want something that fits in your ear the same way AND stays during workouts? Buy the MEElectronics S6P next time they’re on Woot. They’re designed with a memory wire so they can comfortably hook over your ear, the earbuds still go in like the Klipsch S4 or the Monster Diesels, AND you get a nifty armband for your phone/i-pod.

Monster - Diesel - ? Make up your mind. Both are just cashing in on the names, not the quality of the items. Definitely do some research, maybe on, or even customer reviews on Amazon. These are not the highest quality to be had for the price, but probably OK.

I needed a new pair of earbuds after I ripped my old pair in half (they got stuck in a closing door), and at Woot’s price I had to jump on these. I think the sound is pretty great, but I’m no audiophile.

I agree. These are a joke to stay in the ear, I tried all the custom fit things, they just don’t stay in. I had some klipsch earphones before that stayed in WONDERFULLY. These… I just leave them tucked away in my car somewhere for when I’m desperate for a headset that stays in. Maybe try the beats for 60 they have on here? They stay in well (because of the clip mainly)

Sound is nice though, I’ll give them that.

My basic rule of thumb is: If it say Monster Cable on the label don’t buy it.

Yes some of their products are decent. But their use of deceptive demos, their lawsuit happiness against anyone using the work Monster, and their general douchiness ensures that they will never get any of my money.