Monster Cable iBeats In-Ear Headphones

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Monster Cable iBeats In-Ear Headphones
$74.99 + $5 Standard OR $8 Two-Day OR $11 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Why would you call something you put in your ear “I” beats…

Killed already!?!

Monster Cable ? I want the $200 cat5 cable for my 'puter.

People pay that much for earphones?

Couldn’t you just hire the band?

Dude, even EarPods aren’t this expensive. And they are TM Apple…

Freakin’ Monster Cable always with the monster prices.

They’re cheaper than SkullCandy and Bose…

I bought a set of Bose in-ear for $99.99 many years ago… They just sit in the closet now…

Because I’m too lazy to set up a gravitar account, and their allowable size is too small for small for it anyway… I invite everyone to imagine that this is the avatar I’m wearing:

Did woot slip a decimal point into the wrong place? I could see paying $7.49 for a pair of earphones…

Glad to see that Dr. Dre medical degree is finally paying off after all those years paying his student loans.

“Straight Out of Compton” indeed!

I have a pair that I got a few years ago, sound quality is amazing but the build quality isn’t so much. cabling coming lose at connector and both earbuds…

OH my GOD I hate these things so much I’m had three pairs they all broke in less than a month and the sound is pathetic even compare to a $40 pair of sony’s.

Use at your own risk cannot recommend.

If you are wondering why I kept going back after I got burned the first time it is because I bought 3 sets one of each color all at the same time.

Whenever I see some people wearing these or the huge Beats Headphones at the gym, I am just amazed that they don’t mind pouring that much sweat into $100-$300 headphones. Maybe my priorities are just out of whack?

No way would I ever pay this for ear buds when I have been using a pair of the (kiss band) section 8 ear buds for over a year that still sound fine - you know the ones that cost $0.99 on woot-offs…

Yes. About as much as Dr. Pepper’s.

Edit: Disclaimer: I actually like Dr. Dre’s music.

Edit: …well, some of it…

Paging audiophiles: Please buy these then post some pictures of a cat wearing them.

Beats are trendy right now but they are extremely overrated. They are really good if you just listen to bass heavy music; switch over to something that has more mids and highs and these are terrible. If you are bound and determined to spend this much on headphones I would still go with Bose because, in my opinion, they offer a much more balanced sound.

I had a set of these for about a year. Absolutely best earphones ever. Then I left them on the plane, and lost them.

The phones are well made and held up great. The only thing I hated about them was the cords had a tangle enhancement coating on them. Seriously, they weren’t very slick, and when you wad them up to put in your pocket, it was a real effort to get them untangled every time.

I’d buy a set right now in a heartbeat (pun intended), but the price really isn’t that great. It’s a few bucks less than you can get if you shop around - but only by like $10.

By the way, these phones DO come with something I loved - the three chamber cone shaped ear piece option. Most people use that useles one piece rounded looking end thing. Which always falls out of my ear, and never did much of a job isolating out all the background noise. But that cone shaped end piece, with it’s 3 chamber design of sound dampening - just wow, it was great. Trust me, if you do buy one of these, just throw away all the other tips, and use that one. They also hold the bud in your ear very very well.

I’ll give you $5…