Monster Cable Diesel In-Ear Headphones

These look pretty cool and I’m in the market for some new in-ear headphones, but does anyone have any first hand experience with how they sound?

In for one. $75 at the Mothership and good reveiws (albeit only 3 of them).

OK - just had mine arrive from woot. They are a little different on the design side, but they are comfortable and have a ton of different ear tips to try. I think the sound is very good. Packaging is nice and the case is decent (but I never use the cases).

“that throbbing base”

all your bases are belong to us.

Those are some seriously fu****gly earbuds.

Wow, how much more awesome can these be? They’re branded with two different companies - one known for so-so overpriced, overmarketed, and generally undistinguished electronics and the other for making really expensive designer jeans. What could possibly go wrong?

Where are the actual specs for these headphones? The two lines listed under specs are actually features.

What are the ohms impedance?
What about the SNR db rating?

Ain’t product brand-licensing grand? I have an old Chinese digital camera with it’s ORIGINAL manufacturer’s name, not HP, GE, RCA, Vivitar, Polaroid, etc. What is the orignal name? “BTB: Beyond Taste and Beauty.”

I think these products would be a lot more fun with their original names. Wouldn’t you prefer a headset with the name, “Swan Gaggle 12?”

have they jumped on the bose bandwagon? charge outrageous price based on the brand name, yet don’t list any objective data such as frequency response or sensitivity?

Monster is notorious for not giving a lot of info. Our team checked their site, other sites, and the manual that came with the headphones. Nothing. Sorry. :frowning:

These headphones are great for anyone looking to meet audiophiles in their neighborhood.

They’ll be the ones with the outwardly disgusted looks on their faces. Be sure to pay attention or you may misconstrue them as someone jealously scoping your awesome ear buds. Usually the latter can be identified by the red cords on their headphones.

Lol, hilarious

I would stay away from anything with the Monster brand on it. They’ve built a long and undistinguished reputation for overcharging for mediocre equipment and vastly overcharging for things like HDMI cables.

If your statement is based purely on price, then it’s not much of a deterrent when these are priced so low, especially with the Diesel branding. Whether they’re originally overpriced or not, it’s important to know if the quality/craftsmanship/performance/aesthetics are good enough for this price.

I took a gamble on the apple earbuds and they arrived yesterday. I’m glad we did. So far they have been excellent and well worth the woot! price. Crystal clear mid and high range. The bass is also clear but a little quiet. The sound is consistent and without distortion at high volumes. I’ll be giving them some time to burn in and will update this review if anything changes.

I have tried lots of earbuds and headphones over the years ranging from very cheap to expensive & these sound really good for the price. It is really a fantastic deal if they hold up at all & I bought a second set even if they don’t, because they just sound that good. Btw the build quality looks pretty solid.

I guess the word “mediocre” slipped right by you. If you think they’re worth it…go ahead. I’d stay away from anything Monster because they’re both overpriced AND of mediocre quality.

“Mediocre” did not slip by me. I understood it in context of “overcharging for mediocre equipment.” So my intention was that this should be judged according to its price. Is this priced accurately for mediocre equipment? I would say yes. But I also say that they are better than mediocre. Just because a company is known for overcharging for mediocrity doesn’t mean that we should stay away from potential mediocrity at a substantially lower price.

Typical brand haters trolling…
Bose and Bonsters are among the most hated brands in “hi-fi” world

Plenty of folks out there making judgement on product they either owned or tried.

Now can anyone out here make a proper comparison to other popular in ear headsets?

Made in China garbage, that says it all. This was my first Woot purchase, and will definitely be my last. I was swayed by the monster brand having used Monster branded audio cables for many years now. Straight out of the box I have had to play with the plug every time to find that ever so small sweet spot where you can actually hear something other than static coming through.