Monster USB Cable with LED Powerflow Indicator



pricing for future reference

product(s): 1 Monster 7 Foot USB Cable with LED Powerflow Indicator HTUPUSBPF-7
condition: New

$1.99 + $5 shipping


what’s so “monster” about it, exactly?




could i use this to charge my ps3 controller


Finally a Monster cable at the price it should be.


Monster is the brand name. Good quality stuff.


7 feet


Monster is a brand name, usually known for their gold ended cables, like this one. They are also really high quality…got a lot of them in various things. That said, a USB cable, basic, will run about $10, so this is agood price…but most stuff these days comes with one. I have 3 or 4 in reach so no buy for me.


Similar cables from woot! non monster presented in the past for a 4-fer.


Finally! I can print at the speed of light!


Monster is the brand, and this is a very good price for Monster brand cables.


I used to work at Circuit City and when Monster brand cables were used you could actually notice a difference. With video devices such as VCR’s and DVD players, picture quality improved drastically. Now some “genious” that lives and dies by some other brand is going to tell me otherwise but it’s okay, I am confident.


Bah I get usb cables for free at work - is this really going to make my transfers go faster that other usb connectors? Oh but it has a cool LED on it - eat my shorts!


sweet deal. something I can use on my MIDI controllers. good price too. <33 woot.


No, well not without some adaptorage. But why bother when you can charge with the console while playing or while its off?


can anyone tell me if i can use this to charge my ps3 controller


7 feet is short.


no, you need mini usb for that, this is A to B… printers and external hard drives for the most part.


agreed… its one of the only energy drinks i can tolerate… so this is probably a solid cable too.