Monster USB Cable with LED Powerflow Indicator

1 Monster USB Cable with LED Powerflow Indicator

$0.99 + $5 shipping

condition: New

pricing for future reference

see…now this is what all monster cables should be priced at!

not a bad deal, Just get 3 to make shipping worthwhile, This thing sells in bestbuy for $40!

Looks to be the same as the one here

I own and use purchased from woot!. Tape up the light, Or use it as a flashing beacon of hope.

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New Monster USB Cable with LED Powerflow Indicator, for $0.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Monster 12 Foot USB Cable with LED Powerflow Indicator HTUPUSBPF-12

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Here’s what they go for on ebay:

eBay Results: Monster USB cable

In case anyone wanted to know…not a bad price there either :slight_smile:

I am in for 3 :slight_smile:

Monster backs everything with a lifetime warranty. I lost a HDMI cable and they replaced it no questions asked.

Damn I paid $2 each a few months ago… not fair … i want my $3 back

A vs B?

bought them last time, great cable, hard to pinch or crimp. cover the light, or it will fill the entire room with an annoying blue blink

Using Worst Buy for comparison shopping is misleading.

I got these last time they where on Woot, and they are great cables, but only one problem and it’s a big one…
that dame flashing blue light that it has…
Guess I could wrap black tape around it and stop the flashing light.
other than that great price and quality…

“single helix winding”

Wouldn’t that be… um… winding? Double helix would be the DNA structure, with two strands spiraling up/down a column of space… but a single helix would just mean you’re wrapping the cord around that same space. Essentially, this only promises that the cable is not short-circuited, that indeed it doesn’t cross itself. :slight_smile:

Oh well, gotta love Monster. They take money over common sense every day. (not that their products are that bad… just that they’re overpriced. But you knew that, because you shop here.) :slight_smile:

i have these from before they are woth the price. get 3. there is a blue light that flashes from the other side. not from the back of the computer but the side you plug in to the printer or what ever you use it for.

A being your standard end to the computer & B is the end which you would see on a printer, external hard drive, or other larger type component.

I guess this cheers me up after getting blindsided by a $530 camcorder on woot.


Nope, that one is 7’
Monster Cable PC to Photo Printer USB Cable - 7’
Here it is 12’

Awesome deal, but crap shipping, should be 1.99 postal regular…

The flashing LEDs on these are REALLY bright. I can navigate a pitch black room with just one cable. And have. The peripheral does not have to be on or even plugged into the cable for the flashing to occur, it’s driven off of the usb and doesn’t monitor anything.