Mountain Trails Grand Pass 2-Room 6-7 Person Family Dome Tent

LOL @ “edible jacuzzi”

froogled vs. $69.99 now

This is very tempting. anyone know anything about this tent?

Whatever, dude. My camping season’s just getting started!!

Glad Woot could fulfill my camping needs!

Woot is like camping, its in-tents…

The perfect family abode for the current economic environment. Lose the house, live in a tent.

I must admit, this is a very TENTalizing deal

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Mountain Trails Grand Pass 2-Room 6-7 Person Family Dome Tent
$69.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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here’s amazon for $122:

I don’t know how much privacy a fabric thin wall will provide for anything you’d need the privacy of two rooms for.

Amazon with 6 five star and 4 four star reviews:

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Certainly not for backpacking (stick with my REI tents for that) but awesome for car camping…1/2 the price of anywhere else. But, if you get one, make sure you seal the seams yourself…don’t trust the factory. Here is a pretty good video of how to seal the seams…


IMO, a tent (if it’s going to be used regularly) is one of those things that it’s worth the extra cost for a quality brand. The last thing you want is a leaky, drafty, weak tent with broken zippers when you’re camping in less than ideal conditions. Spend the money on North Face, Kelty, Marmot, or Eureka if you’re serious about camping.

The shock-corded poles and pin-and-ring system isn’t exactly a “breeze” to set up, particular on larger tents like this one. This is just the standard manual tent pole system on most tents today.

While not all that difficult, there is significant effort involved, especially after the poles and rings have taken their first trip through the mud. You can hose off muddy poles to prevent the dried-on dirt layer, but it has to be done meticulously in every crevice.

This a great price for the size though. My Coleman 8-person tent cost me over $200. I’m not too familiar with this brand, but the reviews look pretty good.

10 year warranty. Is that good, bad or average for a tent?

Unless the wall is transparent, it would allow private undressing.

The Wenzel Store lists the weight of this thing as 25 lbs. / 12 lbs. carry weight. Is that the weight per if two people carry it at the same time? Just kidding.

However, if you are considering this for camping with a group (i.e. Scouts) they would want to know how heavy this thing actually is, rain fly, poles, stakes, and carry bag included.

Maybe Woot could chime in about the actual weight of this thing?

Just what I need for the release of the new iPhone 5. Hopefully, this will come in the mail soon so I can set up shop in front of the store. Nerd rage!

I like.

I want.

I’m in, for ONE.