Mr. Beams All-Weather Motion LED Ceiling Light, 4PK

What size and how many bat trees? Not to mention how often will I have to climb who knows what just to change the bat trees.

Time to check out the [product page](Mr. Beams MB980 Motion Sensor LED Ceiling Lights) and perfect reviews over at

What type of batteries do these take?

It takes 4 c cell batteries.

Great Reviews over at Smart Home

I love all of the different products offered by this company. It’s fair to say that Mr Beams has lightened my life by brightening my dark corners.
If Mr Beams was a real Mr I’d certainly consider being Mrs Beams. I think we’d have a bright future.

These do not appear to be very bright. At 100 Lumens the equivalent in an incandescent bulb would be less than 7W, (using The luminous efficacy formula of 16 lumens per watt for a typical incandescent bulb). See for more info.

i’ve only bought the motion sensor path/walk lights for outside. i like them well enough. not sure about any of the other items. maybe those smaller place anywhere indoor lights. these just seem to big/ugly. looks more like a smoke alarm.

maybe i’d get it if it was a light/smoke alarm combo. that would be ideal.

The reviews at Amazon are pretty good. I looked over the first page of one-stars and they were mostly “stopped working” types of complaints. Didn’t see any complaining about the brightness or lack thereof.

Amazon Reviews

These are about the size of a smoke alarm. They’re pretty bright if you just need to light up a closet. I have one in my shower stall, it’s plenty bright to light up that area. With the light on approximately 15 minutes every day, I probably get 6-8 weeks out of a battery.

Something to keep in mind is that the light sensor won’t allow this to turn on if there’s any other light around. But if you email mrbeams they’ll send you instructions to remove the light sensor, it only takes a couple minutes and is pretty easy.

I love my outdoor Mr Beams spot lights. Very tempted to get these but hate the idea of ripping through and tossing C-cells (though yes, they will last a long time). Any recommendations on rechargeable C-cells? (note, previously was asking about rechargeable AA’s in C-size spacers, but realize the power difference is substantial).

I use a couple of Mr. Beams lights in my unlighted barn in the winter when I feed horses in the dark, and have used the same lights for two years, just starting the third. These: (Mr. Beams) and they work wonderfully. I put in new batteries in the Fall and they’ll last through Winter. They provide enough light that I can easily see the feed and hay and avoid the possum that comes to steal the barn cats’ food.

How cold are winters there? Wherever ‘there’ is.

Not too cold - I’m in TN. Below 0 rarely. Below freezing pretty regularly. If you’re in the arctic and have a problem with batteries dying in the cold, this may not work for you.

I’m out on the great plains. Nothing between me and the arctic but some barbed-wire fences.

Last time these were offered I bought the ceiling light and the outdoor “flood” light - and I just recently bought three more of the outside flood lights off another “deal” sight. When it’s dark, these feel plenty bright enough. I used the ceiling light in a closet that didn’t have a light and it was fine. The flood light is on my patio and has just the right amount of sensitivity. A bonus is that it kinda looks like there’s a camera with it. I found some “pathway” lights that are similar but are not Mr Beams and they are not as good quality and are not as bright.

So 1 C battery per light?

Can these lights be velcroed to the wall/ceiling, or do they have to be drilled in?

according to the mother ship - 4 batteries per light (so - 16 for these four lights)