Mr. Beams Mini Spotlight, 80-Lumens, 6-Pack

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Mr. Beams Mini Spotlight, 80-Lumens, 6-Pack
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…UGH… WHY C Cells !!! Deal breaker.

These are AWESOME!! I am extremely impressed with every Mr. Beams product I have purchased. Concerned about C Cell? Don’t be. i have burned through countless AA batteries with other LED motion-sensor lights that last one windy night. I have the MB333 mounted in my back yard as security lights, and skunks set them off every night. They have been going strong for well over a month, being activated multiple times a night. They are VERY bright.

We also have the closet lights, and they have never needed a battery change in 4 months of use.

The construction quality is good, the motion sensors work well, and they are very efficient.

Highly recommended.

And now, six cycloptic spotlights that are apparently extremely happy to see you!

Are these too strong to use as under-cabinet countertop-illuminators?

Thanks! I’ve passed on these in previous sales, but I love my Mr. Beams Power Outage system… and really want these.

Yes! I have only used them outside and they do work well.

These motion sensing lights do work well. The only drawback is the C cell batteries. I have not had to change mine yet however (4 months), so I don’t know how long they last.

The trade off for me was the wireless/place them anywhere benefit vs. the battery change out hassle.

I’m on the bandwagon with Robdcm - these lights are AWESOME!
I have one on these on our shed above the garbage can. Very bright and senses your movement from a 50 ft distance.
Since installing this light, it’s not only safer/easier to take out the trash at night, but we no longer have skunks and other critters hanging around the trash can (we live in the country and have lots of wildlife).
The C batteries are not a problem. Even though the light kicks on when anything comes near it (remember, we have LOTS of wildlife, so the light kicks on several times a night)- but I just replaced the batteries after 2 years of use. I just pick up new batteries when on sale for the Walgreen’s brand.
Compared to what I spent for one of these, this price is amazing for six of them.
Even though I don’t need all six of these - I’m in for a set!

Those of you that have these lights, how are the batteries oriented? I would imagine the three of them would have to be side by side but do they go in vertically or do they lay flat?

The batteries go in vertically. The body of the light unscrews from the rim (where the sensor, etc are). You just load the batteries inside and screw the front lens area back on.
Tip: If the light is going to be directly exposed to weather (no eave overhang, etc for protection), just to be safe - wrap a tiny strip of duck tape around the screw thread area to keep any water from possibly seeping into the battery compartment.

I have 3 Mr Beams MB363 lights, a MB330 light (same thing, just white), and 4 round flat lgihts (MB 980). Only three are still working properly. Most others were not working properly out of the box or shortly thereafter. There is a low battery feature that makes the lights go on and off continuously. Many people have issues with Mr. Beams lights staying on continuously even with new batteries. I will not buy another Mr Beams light.

I have many, various Mr. Beams products scattered in and around my 1960, ranch-style home and have never had an issue with any of them. I don’t have any of these mini spotlights but I have 9 of their big brothers scattered around. A couple of the lesser-used ones are going on 3 years on the original batteries while the others have lasted around 2 years before they needed changing. If I had a use for these, I’d be in for at least 1 set, possibly more.

Sorry but I just don’t comprehend the issue with “C” batteries. Am I missing the joke? I have older flashlights and etc. that use them and they are very reasonable all the time here on woot!.

80 Lumens? That is considered bright? Got to be a typo… 80 lumens is like a small flashlight at best, something around 1/5th of a 40 watt bulb. I have a 75 watt in my outside light and want more…

Get hit with 80 lumens while your eyes are night adapted and you tell me…

I have rechargeable C batteries for my rat electricuter. You can get cheap ones on Ebay, mine have lasted just fine.