MUK LUKS®: Spectacular Slippers

I owned two pairs of 17016 Women’s Petal Spiral Fleece Espadrille Slipper, Red that I bought back at the end of December/beginning of January. I first got them from JCP but they kept mailing me the wrong size so I ended up getting them from Sears. Woots price point without adding in shipping is the same as what I paid then, though it seems now they are selling them for $20 and $22 now respectively.

I wasn’t happy with these slippers are all. The sewing on them around the seems around the ankle on both sides seems poorly done, and out of the two pairs I owned it ripped open on the right foot of both pairs on different sides. Also after the first time in the washer, one slipper fell completely apart and the other one though ripped came out just fine. The other pair didn’t last much longer after being tossed in the washer.

I don’t think they are worth the money, I had to throw both pairs in the trash because of the low quality sewing. Hopefully other people have had better luck with them but I would pass on these. I have a pair of Acorn slippers I got for ~$40-$50 that have been through the washer many, many times and are still holding up very well by comparison.

pretty sad that they are now made in china. no thanks

I really wanted a pair. Unfortunately not shipped to Canada.
Ironic to say the least

I bought a pair of MUK LUKS slipper boots a couple months ago here on woot and I totally love them. They’re warm and very comfortable. I’d buy another pair of slippers from them.

Anyone know how the sizes are? I got some shoes a few weeks ago that ran a little small.

My little ivory ballet slippers came today…WOW! Well padded sole, stretchy enough for feet that may have duck DNA in them, like mine. Really pleased.

Worst slippers I’ve ever worn. The rubber sole is so narrow that my foot ‘teeters’ on it and actually falls off of it when walking. The sole is too small or narrow for the bottom of the shoe. It’s unbelievable how poor the fit is and would easily cause ankle injury. The side of the slipper is so short that when my foot ‘slides off the sole’ the slipper comes off and foot turns inward.

This is the first time I bought shoes without trying them on, figured they’re just slippers so… Oh well.