MUK LUKS Brodi Shoes

For anyone who may have wanted a pair of these Brodi shoes, they have them at QVC for $45. By the time I saw these they were sold out of size 10 so I ordered size 9 because they’re only .25" shorter than size 10. But then cancelled it because if I guessed wrong I can’t return them here. So then I saw the Tyler shoe (dk. grey) and thought maybe I’d like them so ordered them only to also cancel them (sorry for the trouble Woot) because I was just really taken by the look and color of the Brodi. So now I’m spending $11 more ordering them on QVC (shpg. & tax are same as here) in size 10 but can return for refund or exchange for a different size if the 10’s don’t work out. So, depending on how they fit, the $11 may be money well spent because at least I know I’ll end up with a pair that fits and know I’ll not end up with a pair I have to sell or give away. The problem is that, after searching the web, I couldn’t find any info. anywhere whether Muk Luks shoes run small, large or on the money. That’s probably because Muk Luks just started offering shoes as opposed to their boots,etc. I know they say here they fit “true to size”, but frankly I’ve been burned by that statement before. Anyway, just thought I’d let others know where the next cheapest place is to buy these. After QVC the next best price is $58 at a number of places.

Thank you for posting this, super helpful as I was in the same exact boat. Even had 10’s in my cart yesterday but didn’t like that I couldn’t return.

I’m so glad! Thank you for taking the time to let me know, you’ve made my day!

Just got mine, size 9…I wear a woman’s 10.5 or 11…fits great. I love these, they are a great sneaker substitute for me to wear with jeans. don’t like the constricting feel of sneakers…these are lower cut, nicely made, and were received quickly. a nice purchase. I had my fingers crossed, and it worked out fine.

glad to know the ladies are fitting theirs because for men, these do not appear to be true to size. I wear 11 1/2 so I ordered a 12 & 13 in two different shoes and neither fit!!! Can’t wait to see how others are doing with theirs!

Hello, just a short note on the size of the shoes, I wear an 11 1/2 and tennis shoes and order a size 12 and upon arrival could barely get my fit in the shoe, and there was no way I could walk anywhere in them. So there goes another wasted $42, maybe I could return them to QVC and get my correct size. LOL