MUK LUKS That Don't Suck

I love Muk Luks…I have 2 pair of them. I might have bought another from Woot but this new feature on the images of the items that describes the color…is driving me NUTS! It is blocking the view of a great product! Also, I am a Web Developer myself so I notice such things. Either make the background completely transparent or lose it all together

Thanks for that feedback! In the meantime, ThunderThighs gave me a horrible earworm so I have to share…

And now that’s stuck in my head.

Does anyone know if these boot tops expand for those of us with…um…let’s say thick calves?

I just tried a pair on and they fit (I usually have to buy wide calf boots). The tall ones (18 in shaft) fit snugly and I’ve tried them on with both leggings and skinny jeans. It might not work with normal boot cut jeans though. They’re super cute!

I got a pair for Christmas, and want to buy a pair now but… I wear my current pair indoors only for fear of getting them dirty (they are light in color) and having wet feet. Do you wear yours outside? Do they get gross? I am curious. Thanks!

Do you really only get 1 sock monkey slipper? So you need to buy 2 to cover both of your feet? It looked like 100% bought 1, so if that’s true I’m guessing there will be a lot of sad/angry people.

I was going to buy the MUK LUKS® Marled Texture Stripe Boot but now, maybe not. You bring up a valid point. Am I getting one boot or two? Anyone know?

I would have assumed 2, but for the sock monkey the wootbot says “You only get one” and there’s only 1 in the photo. I’m still assuming this is a joke, but I’m not quite ready to take that chance.

All slippers, boots, gloves/mittens, socks, and tights come in pairs.

According to those in the know, they do have some stretch.

Every single one of these products is useless for males.

I have a pair and they seem a little big at the top. So I imagine if you have a larger calf, they’d fit just fine.

Yeah, useless for males who are NO FUN!!!

That’s exactly why I wanted to see the bottom of those mukluks above. I couldn’t see the sole…I wouldn’t wear the two pair i have out …but I think you can wear those out

The monkey hats will work well for this coming Christmas’ mandatory monkey gifts… Or they could be the start of some great Halloween decorations… the decapitated ghostly heads of dead Woot! monkeys now doomed to wander the earth, seeking ectoplasmic bananas…

I would have those Igloo Slipper Boots. In fact, I do have them. They are on my feet at this very moment. I would love to have another pair for next year, but you don’t have my size. Sigh.

For those with smaller feet than mine, these are quite comfy and very attractive. I paid considerably more for mine, so I advise grabbing these while you can.

Almost bought the monkey slippers before finding out that they’re $10.50 on Amazon, free shipping with Prime.

Monstrosities like these give handknitters a bad name. Some things just shouldn’t be made of yarn - boots being on that list.

Mulkluk has what is possibly the most useless brand website ever. Anyone have a clue on what sizing actually consists of for their tights? They don’t follow regular pantyhose/tights sizing, so S-M-L is pretty unhelpful.