MusclePharm Pre-Workout Mixes

I haven’t tried MusclePharm’s pre-workout mixes but I have tried a few of their other products.

Overall I’ve been very satisfied with their products with only one exception; their casin protein doesn’t mix very well (I’ve heard this is a common problem with all casin protein powders)

Otherwise I’ve used their BCAA’s, Creatine, Glutamine, and BulletProof and really have liked them all, a decent taste and good results.

For those comparing to other website prices, make sure to check the servings per container
It seems to come in 30, 32, and 60 servings per container. (Woot = 60)

Tried the sample size from amazon a while ago and I liked it. Not as much as N.O. Xplode 2.0 but it was good. My wife preferred the Assault.

Assault didn’t give me the caffeine high N.O. Xplode does but it certainly lasts longer, maybe too long. Taking it at 7 on my way to the gym kept me up at night past midnight.

Assault also includes BCAAs(3:1:2) where BSN skips these in N.O.Xplode to sell them as Amino X.

We tried the orange mango flavor and it was very sweet, found myself watering it down quite a bit to make it tolerable.

Not even a good deal. You can find it for less elsewhere. has them for $25 for the old formula and $28 for the new and you can always use the code REVIEW there for an additional 5% off after that.

That price is for the 30/32 serving size–this is 60. Very good deal and very good product. I recommend it over NO Explode 2.0 in terms of taste and effectiveness. Grape is my personal favorite.

Ive tried roughly 15-20 pre workouts.
Top 3:

  1. Craze
  2. Assault
  3. Hyde

All of which have been reformulated because they found harmful ingredients. Still finishing my last tub of craze so not sure how the new ones are. But always enjoy Muscle Pharm.

likewise on the deal, DPS has cheap SUPER fast shipping and always include samples of some sort and the occasional shaker =O

Woot, can you confirm if this is the new or the old Assault formula? The picture appears to show the old bottle, but the ingredients you’ve listed are for the new formula. Thanks!